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September 5, 2018

Posted 2 years ago

The fishing action continues to be hot here, seemingly to mirror these extreme temperatures we have been experiencing.  The first back to the dock was the ‘Osprey’ returning from the Wilmington with 3 white releases and 2 blue marlin releases.  The crew of the ‘Marli’ released 3 whites in the Poor Man’s.  Fishing alongside the ‘Marli’ was the crew of the ‘Boss Hogg’ who caught 23 tilefish, 12 sea bass, 14 dolphin while also releasing 6 white marlin and one sailfish.  The last boat to fish the Poor Man’s today was the ‘Buckshot’ who released 9 white marlin.  Finally the crew of the ‘No Quarter’ returned from the Norfolk today releasing 5 white marlin and catching 1 yellowfin tuna.  Several of our boats are staying out overnight so stay tuned tomorrow for their reports of the overnight fishing action!!!

September 4, 2018

Posted 2 years ago

The fishing continues to be tremendous for all of our boats! Venturing alone to the Hambone today was the “Osprey” releasing 1 white marlin and bringing back 14 dolphin to the dock in addition. A couple boats fished the Washington Canyon today including the “Marli” who released 2 white marlin and caught 1 dolphin, as well as the “D.A. Sea” releasing an impressive 13 white marlin. Lastly, the “No Quarter” returned with 7 white marlin releases and 1 blue release.

September 3, 2018

Posted 2 years ago

The fishing continues to be hot as all of our boats ventured out to the Washington Canyon today. First back to the dock was the “Marli” releasing 1 white marlin, the “Reel Joy” and “Reel Chaos” both returned to the dock releasing 5 white marlin, the “Osprey” released 3 white marlin, and lastly the “Fish On” returned with 1 dolphin and 2 white releases. The fishing continues to be red hot so be sure to book your charter today!!

September 2, 2018

Posted 2 years ago

There were plenty of boats out fishing today as the marlin fishing continues to be red hot! Fishing alone in the Washington Canyon today was the “Reel Joy” releasing 4 white marlin and 1 blue marlin. The “Halcyon” also ventured off on there own today to the Rockpile and released 1 blue marlin. The remainder of the fleet fished the Poor Mans Canyon, resulting in a good day for all crews and anglers. The “Marli”released 3 white marlin, the “Boss Hogg” caught an impressive 30 dolphin, the “Buckshot” whose been on a roll lately kept the ball rolling releasing 8 white marlin and 1 blue marlin, lastly the “Reel Chaos” had an impressive day releasing 9 white marlin! Be sure to stay up to date on all the latest action right here at Sunset Marina.

September 1, 2018

Posted 2 years ago

Wow what a way to kick off September!!  We had many boats fishing well into the evening tonight with the White Marlin bite remaining hot.  Unfortunately we have been so busy we haven’t been able to get all the reports as the boats are still arriving as I am making this post.   I do have a few reports from the boats that arrived early in the evening.  The Baltimore Canyon was the spot for both the ‘DA Sea’ and the ‘Boss Hogg.’  The crew of the ‘DA Sea’ returned from an overnight trip and had 10 white marlin releases.  The ‘Boss Hogg’ had 60 dolphin, 30 tile fish, and 30 seabass.  The ‘Marli’ returned from the Washington Canyon and had 18 dolphin and 1 white marlin release.  Finally the crew of the Buckshot had an awesome day fishing south of the Poor Man’s Canyon and were 15 for 15 white marlin releases!  Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the action here at the docks!

August 31,2018

Posted 2 years ago

The fleet was a little bit more spread out today with many boats fishing in several different places. Alone in the Washington Canyon was the “Osprey” returning to the dock with 3 dolphin and 5 white marlin releases. Venturing to the Rockpile was the “Marli” catching an impressive 60 dolphin.  The “C Boys” were the only boat that ventured to the Poor Mans Canyon releasing 2 white marlin. The remainder of our boats fished in the Baltimore Canyon, all having impressive days. The “Reel Chaos” released 2 white marlin, the “Fish On” released 2 white marlin, the “Boss Hogg” released 2 white marlin, the “Abolsute Pleasure” returned to the dock with 4 dolphin and 2 white marlin releases, the “Hatterascal” released 2 white marlin, and lastly the “Bar South” released an impressive 6 white marlin! If the weather continues to improve, as well as the fishing, it looks like it will be a very exciting September!

August 30,2018

Posted 2 years ago

The party in the Poor Mans Canyon continues! All of our charter boats today fished out of the Poor Mans Canyon, resulting in an excellent day for all of the crews. The “No Quarter” released 2 white marlin, the “Double J” had a phenomenal day catching 20 dolphin, 1 white marlin release and one blue marlin release, the “C-Boys” released 3 white marlin, the “Whiskey Kilo” released 1 white marlin, the “Espadon” released 2 white marlin, the “Tighten Up” released 2 white marlin, the “Marli” released 2 white marlin, the “Poore Sport” released 4 white marlin, and lastly the “Buckshot” released 2 white marlin. As you can see the white marlin fishing is still in full swing and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down, so be sure to come down to Sunset Marina to check out all the action!

August 28, 2018

Posted 2 years ago

The bite is on! The Poor Mans brought a successful day for all of our anglers with all boats having over 6 White releases to report in. The ‘Fish On’ released 6 whites. The ‘C-Boys’, ‘Buckshot’, and ‘Marli’ each released 7- and the ‘DA Sea’, ‘Tighten Up’, and ‘Pumpin Hard’ each released a whopping 8 White Marlin. The 60th Annual Labor Day tournament kicks off on this Thursday and runs all weekend, so it is without a doubt these anglers are keeping a close eye on the White Marlin for this weekend.

If this bite keeps up we will be looking at yet another successful challenge cup, where Ocean City Marlin Club competes against the Cape May Tuna & Marlin Club in New Jersey.

August 27,2018

Posted 2 years ago

It was a rather quiet day down here on the docks until 5 o’clock hit and our charter boats started coming back in with some pretty full outriggers! Fishing in the Baltimore Canyon today was the “Osprey” releasing 2 white marlin and catching 2 dolphin, the “Fish On” who released one white marlin, and the “Brenda Lou” releasing 3 white marlin. A hand full of boats fished the Poor Mans Canyon including the “No Quarter” releasing 4 white marlin, the ” Marli” releasing 3 white marlin and catching 1 dolphin, the “Espadon” releasing 6 white marlin, the “Reel Chaos” releasing 6 white marlin and also catching 2 dolphin, and finally the “Slaughterhouse” releasing 1 white marlin while also breaking off a rather nice blue marlin and catching an impressive 66 lb wahoo! The white marlin bite, as you can tell, is in full swing so be sure to stay up to date on all the action right here at Sunset Marina!

August 26, 2018

Posted 2 years ago

We had a great day here at the marina finishing off the final Sunday in August on a great note.  We had lots of boats venture out today and even though they had a bumpy ride home, no one returned disappointed!!! The first boat to return flying a rigger full of flags was the ‘Osprey’, releasing 7 white marlin that they caught in the Wilmington Canyon.  The hot spot of the day however was the Baltimore Canyon with  the majority of the fleet returning from here.  The crew of the ‘Marli’ released 3 whites and then we had the crew of the ‘Fish On’ who released 2 white marlin.  Next up was the ‘Bar South’ returning with 8 white releases and a dolphin and behind them was the ‘Espadon’ returning with 4 white releases.  The ‘No Quarter’ had 4 white releases while the ‘Tighten Up’ had 8 white releases.  Finally the crew of the ‘Grande Pez’ returned from the Poor Man’s Canyon with 4 white releases and a blue marlin release.  As you can see fishing isn’t slowing down so don’t hesitate to call and book your next fishing trip!!!

August 25th, 2018

Posted 2 years ago

The fleet didn’t miss a beat following the Mid-Atlantic- continuing the search for the fish once again and taking advantage of the nice forecast. Returning with 1 Blue release and 1 white release flag flying, the ‘Rhondas Osprey’ had an excellent day on the water. The Reel Chaos crew also released a blue marlin- something that seems to be picking up in recent weeks. The ‘Marli’ released a white and brought it’s crew back with 30 Tilefish. A few boats including the ‘Marli’ and ‘No Quarter’ are planning to fish tomorrow- and with the Challenge Cup on the horizon we expect a busy start to September.

That’s a wrap for the Mid-Atlantic!

Posted 2 years ago

It was incredible week here for yet another Mid-Atlantic tournament, where anglers from all over gather to fish one of the most prestigious tournaments on the east coast. This tournament is co-hosted by Canyon Club and Sunset Marina, allowing participants to fish and weigh-in out of two separate ports. 157 fished the tournament in total, with 93 of those fishing out of the Ocean City port. Monday kicked off to a great start, and with an empty leader board, the crews from the 44 fishing flocked to the scales with potential winning fish. The board filled up quick with White Marlins, Tunas, and Dolphin. A whopping 146 boats fished on Tuesday (85 out of Ocean City)- bringing yet another day of action to the scales. Some beautiful Bigeye tuna were weighed in Tuesday, including the ‘Toddy Time’s 114 pounder. We also saw our first Wahoo of the week from the Zipper, weighing in at a whopping 71lbs.

The weather turned for the worst on Wednesday, keeping all 157 boats at the docks for the first time in the tournament’s history. On Thursday 124 boats fished, and those who only had one day left chose to sit Thursday out. The ‘Espadon’ hit the scales early on with a 34 pound Dolphin, which held through the week to take the prize in the Ocean City Home Port Calcutta for heaviest dolphin. Gusto weighed in shortly after, bringing a 69.0 lb White Marlin, which in the end took home some prize money for the crew. Friday was one for the books- with every boat fishing the tournament taking advantage of the final day (93 boats out of Ocean City, 64 out of Cape May). A couple Blue Marlins made it to the scale early on, but unfortunately did not make the qualifying weight for the tournament. Several Bigeyes and White Marlins made it to the scales on the final day- including the ‘FFMD’ with their 69lb White. That fish brought the crew some serious cash- helping them spread awareness for Muscular Dystrophy and donate some money in the process. All in all, it was another amazing tournament, and we always appreciate the Mid-Atlantic in bringing such an amazing tournament to Ocean City.

Check out a few snapshots below. Check out the Mid-Atlantic’s website HERE for the full leaderboard and payouts.