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June 2nd, 2018

Posted 1 year ago

Fishing was much slower today than yesterday, with only 3 boats to report for this evening. The ‘Reel Chaos’ fished outside of the Poormans and returned with 1 Dolphin and a handful of Tilefish. The ‘Marli’ returned with 3 Yellowfin Tunas and 2 Dolphin from their day in the Washington. Last, but not least, the ‘Boss Hogg’ fished the canyons to find a Bluefin and a handful of Tilefish. Today was much slower, with most reporting they had to travel a good distance to find a bite. Tomorrow’s forecast looks spotty, and it looks that most of the fleet will remain at the docks.

Perhaps early next week will bring more of the bite we saw yesterday?

June 1, 2018

Posted 1 year ago

Summer has officially kicked off- and the tuna bite has exploded off of our coast! The ‘Osprey’ returned with 3 Bluefin Tunas and releasing 7 more in the Hambone. The ‘Boss Hogg’ had a good variety, returning with 20 Tilefish, 20 Seabass, and 3 Bluefins. They took their charter to the Poormans today. The big catch of the day was aboard the ‘Marli’, who’s crew returned with 3 Bluefins and a whopping 176lb Big-Eye tuna, the first that we have seen to our docks in 2018. Captain Mark Hoos reported to be fishing just outside of the Washington. Several boats are currently preparing to fish tomorrow, be sure to stay tuned tomorrow for the latest!

May 30, 2018

Posted 1 year ago

It was a foggy gloomy atmosphere around the docks today which made for a quiet day.  The ‘Marli’ was our only boat out fishing today and despite the fog had a successful trip.  They were fishing just above the Norfolk canyon and returned with 2 bluefin tuna, and 1 big eye tuna!  Let’s hope that the fog lifts tomorrow and we see some sunshine once again!!

May 29th, 2018

Posted 1 year ago

Another slow day at the docks, with the ‘Marli’ being the only boat to fish out of the marina. The Rock Pile was Capt. Mark’s destination today, where he caught two bluefin tunas.

Transient traffic is at an all-time high for the year, with several boats making their way up the coast to their summer-time destinations. If your vessel is on the move, be sure to consider us for dockage and fuel to get you on your way!

May 28th, 2018

Posted 1 year ago

A rough forecast left many boats at the docks today. This didn’t stop the ‘Marli’, who returned to the docks with 3 Blue-fin Tunas after a day in the Poor Mans. Stay tuned with us throughout the week for information on where the action is!

May 26th, 2018

Posted 1 year ago

Another great day for fishing out of Ocean City- with several boats returning with plenty of tunas and dolphins! The ‘Marli’ had a quick trip this morning, returning with a happy crew in the early afternoon with 1 Bluefin and 3 Yellowfin. The ‘Reel Chaos’ crew returned with 2 Bluefin, 1 Yellowfin, and 3 Dolphin. The ‘Boss Hogg’ returned with 4 Yellowfin and 2 Bluefin. ‘Brenda Lou’ took the prize for the most tunas today, returning with 6 Yellowfins and 1 Dolphin. The Poormans was the hot spot today, with all of our boats fishing in or around that area.

These numbers don’t lie, tuna fishing is certainly picking up and might result in a record breaking June. Haven’t booked your trip yet? Check out our charter fleet page to start looking for the perfect trip for you and your crew!

May 24, 2018

Posted 1 year ago

Another beautiful day on the docks and another great day offshore for the crew of the Marli.  They were fishing in the Poor Man’s Canyon and came back with 3 Bluefin Tuna, 3 Yellowfin Tuna, and 3 Mahi.  The fish have arrived just in time for the holiday weekend and the Marlin Club’s 9th Annual Memorial Day tournament.  Registration starts tomorrow at 6:30 so be sure to stop by and register!!

May 23, 2018

Posted 1 year ago

The season is upon us and the atmosphere around the docks certainly was a sense of excitement for the upcoming holiday weekend.  It was a beautiful sunny day and many of the crews were taking advantage of it working to dial in their boats and get them ready for the season.  The crew of the Marli were able to venture out offshore today and had a great day.  They went to the 30 fathom line and caught a monster Mako shark that weighed in at 292 lbs.  Congrats to Fred Weinhold the angler who caught the impressive fish!

New Year, New Adventures!

Posted 2 years ago

2017 was truly an amazing year for the Sunset Marina family, once again showing the world why Sunset Marina is the best marina in the MidAtlantic region. Tournament season, as always, was busier than ever and we were happy to welcome new and returning customers to our marina to take advantage of all the fishing action. We saw plenty of marlin, tuna, sharks, and dolphin- with the fishing season running stretching all the way into December! November brought a special treat when day-time swordfish were found offshore and kept a few boats fishing much later than usual. The swordfish bite had a good run for a few weeks, while also bringing an unseen catch to Ocean City! As many of you recall, Austin Ensor and his crew on the ‘Primary Search’ returned to our marina with an Opah! The news quickly spread around the fishing community as a new venture for the Ocean City fishing community- being logged as the first documented recreational Opah catch in our area. Just as the dust began to settle, the unheard of happened… again! Captain Ensor found yet another Opah while deep-dropping for swordfish. Perhaps Opah’s arent as rare in December off of our coast?

With 2018 upon us, we now turn our heads to the upcoming fishing season and our eager to see what exciting fishing the year holds. If last year is any indication, we are in for an amazing season!

An Opah in the Poor Mans?

Posted 2 years ago

While the fleet has mostly made the move down south or hauled out for the winter, a few boats continued to fish on following a strong Swordfish bite that’s been happening in the canyons recently. The ‘Primary Search’ was one of those boats searching the canyons for what fish may still be lingering in our waters. While fishing for some fresh Mahi, Austin’s crew hooked on an Opah! Well, what’s an Opah? For many of us, we were left asking the same question.

An Opah, normally found in tropical waters such as Hawaii, is the only known warm-blooded fish. While a few long-liners off our coast have reported to catch them when they begin migrating from the Grand Banks, but this is the first known recreational catch of an Opah.

Austin and his crew were ecstatic to find out they had caught a “unicorn” of a fish such as an Opah. Congrats to the crew!

October 7th, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

Another day filled with Dolphin at the sunset docks! The ‘Boss Hogg’ fished the Baltimore, returning to the docks with 47 Dolphin and 29 Blueline Tilefish. The ‘Marli’ fished the Baltimore as well, returning with 20 Dolphin for today’s charter. The ‘No Quarter’ crew is still fishing at the time of this report. Tomorrow looks like a promising Sunday for some offshore fishing, be sure to check in and see what exciting catches are brought in!

October 6th, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

Good dolphin fishing offshore today- with large numbers being brought back to the docks. The ‘Rhonda’s Osprey’ returned with 20 Dolphin. The charter couldn’t have been happier with there day, thanking Capt. Joe and crew for their excellent day offshore. Fishing alongside the Osprey in the Baltimore was the ‘Marli’, who brought 32 Dolphin back to the docks. Returning with a showstopping 50 Dolphin and 16 Tilefish was the ‘Boss Hogg’, who fished the Poor Mans today.

Quite a few boats are preparing to fish tomorrow and throughout the weekend, be sure to check in with us tomorrow to see if the fleet is able to find the Marlin or Tuna bite!