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June 22, 2024

Posted 16 hours ago

It was an exciting Saturday afternoon here at the marina with a lot of fishing action.  We had about 25-3o boats head out there today between Sunset and Fisherman’s and we saw a lot of them return with decent catches .  We had two boats fishing out of the Poorman’s Canyon today.  The “Marli” had 1 yellowfin and so did the crew on the “Primary Search.”  Our only boat that fished out of the Washington canyon was the crew on the “Layin Lines” returning with 2 yellowfin tuna and a nice big eye tuna.  All of our other boats went to the Baltimore Canyon today.  The “Absolute Pleasure” returned with 6 yellowfin.  The “Tara Jessica” had 6 dolphin with one weighing in at about 30 lbs!  The “Grande Pez” released a white marlin and the team on the “Chain Reaction” also released a white marlin and had a yellowfin tuna.  Finally the crew on the “Reel Tight” returned with 2 yellowfin tuna.  It looks like we have some weather coming in that may slow the fishing down a bit but hopefully it won’t be too long before we have some exciting things to report back to you!

June 21, 2024

Posted 2 days ago

Happy Friday everyone!  Another exciting but breezy day out on the docks!  We didn’t have a whole lot of boats fishing today, but the ones that did fish were reporting out of the Poorman’s Canyon today.  The “Reel Chaos” returned with 4 yellowfin and a bluefin.  The “Marli” had 1 yellowfin and the crew of the “Boss Hogg” had two yellowfin.  The guys on the “Fish On” returned with 4 yellowfin and 4 dolphin.  We also had a few private boats that were not out of Sunset that had some nice catches of tuna.  Looks like a lot of our crews were gearing up today for this weekend’s Ocean City Marlin Club Small Boat Tournament!  Weigh-ins for this tournament will be at the scales in front of Sunset Grille from 3:00 until 6:30pm.  We also have the 6th annual Fish N Paddle Saltwater slam event being held at Atlantic Tackle with weigh-ins going from 12:00-4pm!  Be sure to stop by and see all the action!

June 20, 2024

Posted 3 days ago

It was a great day to have the summer solstice !  The sun is still shining bright and everyone is still enjoying time at the Marina.  Whether they are indulging in a cocktail at Teasers, enjoying a nice dinner at the Grille or walking the docks to take in the view of our boats pulling back in, the atmosphere feels electric!  We didn’t have quite as many head out today but those who did were fishing out of the Washington Canyon.  The crew of the “Boss Hogg” had 4 yellowfin.  The “Marli” returned with a yellowfin and the “Moore Bills” had 2 yellowfin.  The “Christine Marie” had a white release and finally the guys on the “Lights Out” had 2 white releases and 15 yellowfin.  The ice orders are still coming in this evening so it looks like a decent amount of boats will head out again tomorrow.  Be sure to check back for the latest report!

June 19, 2024

Posted 4 days ago

It was a hot and humid day out there today, but that did not stop our fleet from heading out to see what they could find.  Today the fishing grounds of choice seemed to be the Washington Canyon.  The crew of the “Marli” returned with a yellowfin and 30 tilefish.  The guys on the “Knot Again” had  a yellowfin.  The crew on the “Grande Pez” had their ice chest full with 13 yellowfin.  Our only boat today that went to the Wilmington Canyon was the team on the “Christine Marie” who were 3 for 5 on the White Marlin releases and they also caught 4 yellowfin.  Looks like tomorrow we will have a decent amount of boats fishing again.  Make sure to check back and we will keep you posted on how they make out!

June 16, 2024

Posted 6 days ago

What a great way to close out the weekend with this beautiful sunny Sunday!  We had quite a few boats head out today looking to see what they could find.  Once again the Baltimore Canyon area seemed to be the targeted fishing grounds.  The crew of the “Shotski” had 2 yellowfin and a mahi.  The guys on the “Whisky Kilo” returned with 3 yellowfin and 2 mahi.  The crew on the “Cabana”  had a nice haul of tilefish.  Our friends on the “Salt Lick” had a blue Marlin release and the team on the “Fish On” had 3 white Marlin releases, a yellowfin and a mahi.  Finally the crew on the “Boss Hogg” had 2 white releases and a yellowfin.  Congrats to all the winners in the Tunas and Tiaras tournament this weekend and to all the Father’s out there we hope you enjoyed a Fabulous day with your loved ones!

June 15, 2024

Posted 1 week ago

It definately felt like summertime vibes here at the marina today!  School is out and the kids and their families were hitting the pools in force today.  It also was a great final day for the Tunas and Tiaras tournament.  Be sure to check out www.tunaandtiaras.com for all of the latest tournament results.  As for the fishing today, the hotspot fishing grounds seemed to be the Baltimore Canyon.  The crew of the “Reel Chaos” returned with 1 yellowfin and a dolphin.  The guys on the “Christine Marie” had 2 white releases and 1 yellowfin.  The team on the “Primary Search” hit the big eyes hard today returning with 5 big eye tuna and 1 yellowfin tuna!  It looks like we have a lot of boats getting iced up tonight to head out for some father’s day fishing tomorrow.  We will keep you posted on how they make out!  Don’t forget for any of your last minute Father’s Day gift needs to stop by Atlantic Tackle or Sunset Provisions where they have you covered!

June 10, 2024

Posted 2 weeks ago

Happy Monday everyone and what a beautiful day it was here at Sunset Marina!  With the weekend behind us it was a quiet day with not many boats venturing out.  The only two boats we had fishing today were the crews of the “Marli” and the “Absolute Pleasure.”  The team on the “Marli” returned from the Washington Canyon with 42 tilefish.  The crew of the “Absolute Pleasure” returned later in the day from the Wilmington Canyon and had 2 yellowfin tuna.  Hopefully it won’t be long until we see more tuna on the dock and with Father’s Day quickly approaching make sure you stop by Atlantic Tackle or Sunset Provisions where you are sure to find the perfect gift for the Dad in your life!

June 1st, 2024

Posted 3 weeks ago

The month of June is kicking off to a great start with a lot of excitement down on the docks!  The big news of the day was the first white marlin of the season has officially been caught!  The crew of the Fish On were the lucky ones today, congrats to angler Jake Emche and the whole team!  We also had a few boats head out looking for the tuna bite.  The crew of the Boss Hogg had a successful day in the Poormans returning with 10 yellowfin in the box.  The weekend wraps up tomorrow with the final fishing day of the Battle for the Buckle and it looks like we will have a few more boats head out to see what they can find.  Stay tuned tomorrow for all the latest fishing news and updates!  The 2024 fishing season is officially started!

37th Annual Ocean City Tuna Tournament July 12th-14th

Posted 2 months ago
The World’s Largest Tuna Tournament is right around the corner!  Here is a RECAP video from last year’s scales to help get you motivated!
Fish the 37th Annual Ocean City Tuna Tournament, hosted right here at OCFC from July 12TH-14TH to compete once again for an anticipated record payout of over one million dollars!  Now is the time to start gathering your crew, booking your boat and making your plans!

December 13, 2023

Posted 6 months ago

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September 20, 2023

Posted 9 months ago

Today proved that when weather permits the September fishing just can’t be beat.  We had several boats head offshore today looking for the marlin bite and they were rewarded handsomely.  Most of the boats went to the Norfolk canyon today.  First we had the “Osprey” return with 4 white releases and some dolphin.  The crew of the “Marli” caught a nice bunch of tilefish.  Next we had the crew of the “Keep Dreaming”  return on their new boat with 8 white releases.  The crew of the “Boss Hogg” returned shortly after with 1 yellowfin, some dolphin, and 2 white releases.  The guys on the “Seven” had 4 white releases while the “Christine Marie” had 4 white releases and 1 blue marlin release.  The “Pumpin Hard” had 3 white and some dolphin and finally was the crew of the “Billfisher” returning with 7 white releases and a blue marlin release.  Many are going to venture out again tomorrow before the weather turns for the weekend so we will keep you posted on how they make out!

September 7, 2023

Posted 10 months ago

The September billfish bite continues to be hot and we had another good group of boats head offshore to reap the benefits!  “Roll Groove” returned from a double overnight trip first with 8 white releases.  Next was the crew of the “Dem Boys” returning with a grand slam (1 white release, 1 blue release, and a sailfish release.)  The team of the “Top Dog” had 2 white releases and a blue marlin release.  Fishing alongside them was the guys on the “Christine Marie”  with 3 white releases.  The “DA Sea” was on an overnight trip and released 3 sailfish, 8 whites, and also a blue marlin.  The “Reel Joy” had  4 white releases and 2 blue releases while the “Fishticuffs” released a blue marlin.  Finally was the guys on the “C-boys” returning with 2 white releases.  It is days like this that remind us the season is definately not over!