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August 19th, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

Day three of the Poor Girl’s Open out of Bahia Marina is a wrap!

Today we saw a few marlin, and several dolphin brought back to the docks. The ‘Lucky Duck’ fished the Poor Man’s and had 14 Dolphih, with the ‘Reel Chaos’ not far behind with 12 Dolphin. Everyone else fished the Washington for today’s report, including the ‘Boss Hogg’, who had 1 White release and 2 Dolphin. The ‘Marli’ caught and released 1 Blue Marlin and returned with 6 Dolphin. The ‘C-Boys’ had 2 dolphin from their day offshore.

Tomorrow will certainly be a busy day at the docks, with everyone rigging up for the Mid-Atlantic that kicks off Monday and runs until Friday, August 25th. If there are any White Marlin to be found out in the deep, this upcoming tournament will reveal it! Stay tuned with us right here on our website, on Facebook, and on Instagram for the latest on tournament updates for the Mid-Atlantic.

More details on this tournament can be found at https://www.themidatlantic.com/

August 18th, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

The Marlin bite is picking up once again, and just in time for next week’s Mid-Atlantic tournament!

Fishing the Rockpile was the ‘Boss Hogg’, who had 20 Tilefish and 1 Dolphin. The ‘No Quarter’ fished the Muff Diver Wreck and had 2 Dolphin and 1 Triggerfish. Now, to the exciting part, the White Marlin!

The ‘Rhonda’s Osprey’ rose up to first place in the Poor Girls Open, releasing a whopping 8 White Marlin from the Washington. Also in the Washington was the ‘Espadon’ with 5 Whites, ‘Reel Chaos’ with 3 Whites, ‘C-Boys’ with 2 Whites and a Mako Shark, and lastly the ‘Reel Steel’ who released 3 White Marlin and a Blue Marlin! The third and final day of the Poor Girls kicks off tomorrow, with all of the boats certainly going after the White Marlin to try and top ‘Rhonda’s Ospreys’ 8 Whites. For the latest on dock and scale action, find us on Facebook at “Ocean City Sunset Marina” and on Instagram at @sunsetmarinaoc

August 17, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

The release flags were flying once again on the docks today and boy was it a sight for sore eyes!  The Washington Canyon was the hot spot today as many of the boats returned from fishing here with successful days.  The ‘Osprey’ had 2 white releases and 6 dolphin in the box.  The crews of the ‘Tighten Up’ and ‘C Boys’ both had 2 white releases each.  The ‘Miss Annie’ had 3 white releases while the ‘Absolute Pleasure’ had 1 white release and also caught a nice dolphin.  The crew of the ‘Marli’ returned from an overnight trip fishing between the Rock pile and the Washington Canyon and had 5 White releases, and a box full of tile fish, seabass, and 7 dolphin.  The ‘Real Chaos’ went to the Norfolk and had 4 white releases.  Fishing alongside them in the Norfolk was the ‘Espadon’ who had 2 white releases.  Finally the crew of the ‘Billfisher’ had 4 White releases and were fishing 99.999 miles south of Ocean City.  What a great start to the Poor Girl’s tournament hopefully tomorrow is another great day and good luck to all the lady anglers!!!

August 16, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

The docks were bustling today as many of our crews were getting ready for Bahia Marina’s 24th annual Poor Girl’s Open. The ‘No Quarter’ released 2 whites, while the ‘Legasea’ released 1 white marlin.  Both were fishing in the Washington canyon.  The ‘Pumpin Hard’ had 4 white releases and the ‘Shark Byte’ had 2 white releases while fishing the 360 line.  The ‘Osprey’ crew went to the Poor Man’s today and were able to release 2 whites.  Ice orders are still being delivered well into the evening as the tournament boats get ready for tomorrow.  Hopefully we have some exciting things to report tomorrow evening and good luck to all our lady anglers!!!

August 13, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

After a gloomy day yesterday it was nice to see the sunshine return again today!  Many of our tournament boats have departed over the past 2 days but some will be staying another few weeks.  Hopefully they get to see some improved fishing action as we approach the Poor Girl’s Open this coming weekend.  We only had two boats give it a shot today.  The ‘C-boys’  fished in the Baltimore Canyon and brought back 2 yellowfin, 4 mahi, and 4 triggerfish.  The crew of the ‘Marli’ joined them in the Baltimore and had 2 white marlin releases.  If you haven’t done so already be sure to stop by Atlantic Tackle or Sunset Provisions for any of your fishing or boating needs!

August 6th, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

It’s the calm before the storm- with several boats geared up and ready to fish on day 1 of the White Marlin Open. A last-minute forecast change in the offshore report has more boats than previously expected fishing tomorrow, and will hopefully bring excitement to the scales. To watch the weigh-ins live, visit www.whitemarlincam.com at 4pm each day and keep up on the action. For up-to-date leaderboard results, visit the White Marlin Open website at https://whitemarlinopen.com/leaderboard

If you’re calling Sunset home for the week or just visiting Sunset Grille, stop by and watch the weigh in’s right here at Sunset Marina- as we will be streaming the live feed across all of our properties including C-Dock, Atlantic Tackle, Sunset Provisions, and the Ocean City Fishing Center!

To all of our customers fishing in this weeks tournament, good luck and tight lines!

August 5th, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

It’s White Marlin frenzy! The marina is jam-packed with boats- with every slip filled with eager anglers!

The ‘Osprey’ had 1 Yellowfin from the Massey’s, where as everyone else in our report today fished the Washington. ‘Gratitude’ and the ‘White Lightning’ had a white release. The ‘Marli’ released a white marlin and had 2 Dolphin. The ‘C-Boys’ released 1 White Marlin and Dolphin. The ‘Boss Hogg’ released 2 White Marlin and 1 Dolphin.

Tomorrow is the last day before day 1 of the White Marlin Open- and will surely have the docks filled with captains and crew fueling, rigging, and making adjustments for the largest billfish tournament in the world.

August 3, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

The docks were busy today as more of our tournament boats arrived and many of our other boats went out trying to find the fish!  The Washington was a popular spot for some of our boats today.  The ‘C-boys’ returned with 2 yellowfin, 1 dolphin and also released 2 White Marlin.  The crew of the ‘Buckshot’ had 3 White releases as did the crew of the ‘Singularis.’  The ‘Reel Steel’ was fishing between the Washington and the Norfolk and had 2 white releases.  The ‘Billfisher’ fished the Norfolk and had 5 white releases.  The ‘Real Chaos’ went to the Poor Man’s today releasing 2 whites and also brought 2 yellowfin, 2 dolphin, and 2 tilefish back to the dock.  Finally the ‘Marli’ went to the Rockpile today and returned with 3 yellowfins.  The first day of the Marlin Club’s 9th annual ladies tournament starts tomorrow so be sure to stop by Atlantic Tackle and catch the weigh-ins!

August 2, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

It was a great day at the docks with a wide variety of fish caught and our fleet traveling to all different places seeking a good bite!  The crew of the ‘Griffin’ traveled to the Rockpile and they returned with 5 dolphin and 1 yellowfin.  The ‘Marli’ went to the Baltimore and caught 23 blueline tilefish.  The C-boys went to the Poor Man’s and returned with 3 yellowfin and 6 dolphin in the icebox.  The Washington was the hot spot for many boats today.  The ‘My Cin’ released a White Marlin and caught 10 dolphin.  The ‘No Quarter’ caught 3 yellowfin, released 2 whites and also had a blue marlin release.  The last boat fishing in the Washington was the ‘Intents’ who caught 3 yellowfin, 2 dolphin and released 5 White Marlin.  The ‘Max Bet’ was the only boat we had report from the Norfolk and they had two white releases.  The crew of the ‘Fast Break’ traveled to the Massey’s today and returned with 3 yellowfin and 1 dolphin.  With the White Marlin Open quickly approaching it is nice to see the bite improving!  Remember to stop by Atlantic Tackle or Sunset Provisions for any of your boating needs in order to get your boat tournament ready!

August 1st, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

August is here- and that means the White Marlin Open is just days away. We are also happy to report that the marlin are beginning to show up offshore in areas like the Rockpile, Tea Cup, and the Baltimore!

The ‘C-Boys’ released 7 Yellowfin and 5 Dolphin in the Poor Mans. The Marli had 22 Dolphin, 2 White releases, and 1 blue marlin release. The Boss Hogg fished the Hot Dog, and found 40 Tilefish and 6 Golden Tiles. In the Wilmington, the Max Bet crew caught and released 2 White Marlin. The No Quarter crew had 6 Yellowfin and 2 whites. The ‘Bar South’ fished the Baltimore, catching 5 Yellowfin, 2 Dolphin, and released 1 White and a Blue.

It seems like this most recent storm was just the kick we needed to bring the Marlin bite off of Ocean City! Could this mean good news for tournament season?

July 31st, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

The weather has finally cleared, giving our anglers a chance to once again trek offshore to find the bite. We are happy to report that the fishing is back on! The ‘Marli’ was the fist to fish after our recent foul weather and returned with 10 Yellowfin and a Mahi out of the Masseys!

If you’re fishing the tournament, don’t forget to visit Sunset Provisions for all of your marine supply needs. If you haven’t been recently, we have completely overhauled our store, adding more than you could possibly imagine of marine hoses, electrical items, pumps, gaskets, zinc plates, and more. If fishing tackle is more your style, visit Atlantic Tackle for everything from lures to mono-line and foul weather gear!

July 28th, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

Not much to report today- with only a small handful of boats fishing. The ‘Reel Chaos’ had 1 Bluefin and 2 Yellowfin, and the ‘Boss Hogg’ had 5 Yellowfin. Both boats fished the Hot dog for today’s catch.

As you may have already heard, the Big Fish Classic scheduled for this weekend has been moved to September due to high seas offshore. This weekend may be a washout for fishing, but with the White Marlin Open fast approaching we have a lot to look forward to!