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Boatel & Boatyard

Boatel Service

liftboatelboat on lift

Sunset Marina offers boatel service for over 400 boats, specializing in boats 20-30’. Your boat is stored in an enclosed building out of the weather until you are ready to use it.

How it works:

  • Give us an hour’s notice that you would like your boat put in the water
  • Your boat will be forklifted to the water and tied up in our staging area waiting for your arrival
  • Tie your boat in the staging area when done and let marina office know you are finished
  • Your boat is forklifted out, a light rinse is done on the hull and your boat goes back to its rack
  • Work Racks also available for you to wash or service the boat

*One in and out a day included in your contract, Engine flushes done upon request for a small fee

Annual contracts are available. Give the marina office a call at 410-213-9600 so you can leave your trailer at home and your boat at the beach. High, dry and safe inside!

Boatyard Service

The Sunset Marina boatyard offers a variety of hauling options for all of your boat service needs. Our boatyard is a Self Service boatyard; however we have a list of certified outside contractors licensed and insured to work on the property.


  • All equipment at Sunset Marina is operated by certified operators
  • 88 ton travelift can haul vessels up to 85’ long and 23’ wide
  • 3 Wiggins forklifts for smaller vessels up to 22,000 lbs
  • Trailer Loading/Offloading available
  • Forklifts can be rented by the hour for engine removal, etc.
  • Winter Storage offered for Flat fee (includes haul, block, powerwash, and splash in the spring)

Fees for these services are case sensitive so be sure to call the marina office to inquire about a haul appointment.

Approved Contractors

Trailer Storage

Sunset Marina now owns and Operates Tower Marine.  Tower Marine Services storage facility is a fully paved open space able to accommodate around 150 trailers. All of our guests have access to compressed air, water, and electric hook ups.  Our boat storage facility has a gated entrance and an 8ft tall full perimeter fence and hi-definition security cameras.  For more information give us a call at 443-397-9467.