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September 17th, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

The Challenge Cup was a huge success for Ocean City- with the Ocean City Marlin Club taking the prize for this years tournament. The ‘Reel Joy’, docked right here at Sunset Marina, was awarded top boat for the tournament. As for today, it was a successful day of fishing for our charters, catching everything from dolphin to a few marlin. The ‘Marli’ released 1 Blue Marlin, 1 White Marlin, and returned with 12 Dolphin. The ‘Reel Chaos’ released 1 White and returned with 4 Dolphin. Both boats fished the Baltimore. Winds and seas will be picking up today and tomorrow, but we are excited to see what the weekend may bring!

September 14, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

It was a great day at the docks as we kicked off day one of the 39th annual Marlin Club Challenge cup!!  Wahoo mania continued again and many of our own fleet as well as our Cape May friends fished popular spots like the Washington, the Poor Man’s , and the Baltimore in search of the fish.  We will start with the boats that fished in the Baltimore.  First back to the dock was the crew of the ‘Osprey’ returning with 5 dolphin and they also had a white release.  The crew of the ‘Marli’ had an icebox full catching 40 tile fish while also releasing a white marlin.  The ‘Boss Hogg’ also filled the ice box catching 20 tile fish, 8 dolphin and they also had a white release.  Both the ‘G-force’  and the ‘No Quarter’ crews released a white marlin while the crew of the ‘Tighten Up’ released 2 whites.  Finally fishing in the Baltimore we had the ‘Brenda Lou’ who returned with a massive 88 lb Wahoo to take a spot on our offshore leader board.  Next the boats fishing in the Poor Man’s included the ‘Buckshot’ and the ‘Instigator.’  The ‘Buckshot’ released both a white marlin and a blue marlin while the ‘Instigator’ had a white release and caught a wahoo.  Finally we had the boats that fished in the Washington.  The crew of the ‘Espadon’ returned with 2 nice wahoo and a dolphin while the ‘Reel Chaos’ had 3 white releases.  Most of the boats in the tournament still have 2 days left to fish so make sure you stop by the Marina to see all the action or stay tuned for tomorrow’s report!!!

September 13, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

It was another exciting day here at the docks as more of our boats went offshore trying to prepare for this weekend’s 39th Annual Challenge Cup.   The Baltimore was the hot spot with most of our boats fishing out of there today.  First back to the dock we had the ‘Osprey’ who caught 1 yellowfin, 1 75 lb wahoo, and 2 dolphin while also releasing a white.  The ‘Espadon’ had 4 white releases and the ‘Billfisher’ had 3 white releases and they also caught a wahoo and a couple dolphin.  The crew of the ‘Marli’ had an icebox full catching 5 nice size wahoo and 3 dolphin while also releasing a white marlin.  Finally the crew of the ‘No Quarter’ fished the Muff Diver wreck and had 7 white releases.  Stay tuned tomorrow as many more of the fleet will be out for day one of this three day tournament!!!

September 12th, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

It may be safe to say the Marlin bite is here to stay (For a while, at least) with several boats catching White Marlin from the Baltimore today! Both the Poor Sport and Reel Joy released 1 White Marlin. The ‘Billfisher’ released 3 Whites and returned with a 61lb Wahoo and 2 Dolphin. ‘No Quarter’ released 6 Whites and returned with a Yellowfin Tuna. The ‘Reel Chaos’ crew returned with 1 Wahoo and 3 Dolphin, also releasing 5 White Marlin. While all of these boats fished the Baltimore, the ‘Rhondas Osprey’ ventured to the Washington where he released 3 White Marlin and caught 9 Dolphin. A great day was had by all boats, and a few others plan to fish tomorrow! With the Challenge Cup fast approaching, it’s good news to see growing numbers of White Marlin in our regions waters. What will we see at the docks tomorrow evening?

September 11th, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

Could the Fall marlin bite finally be in our waters? It is certainly looking so! The ‘G-Force’ returned flying 5 White Marlin release flags from their day in the Baltimore. The ‘Grande Pez’ weighed in a whopping 81 lb Wahoo and paired it with 8 White Releases had the crew smiling from ear to ear. The ‘Top Dog’ released 4 White Marlin releases and also fished the Baltimore.

A huge chunk of the fleet appears to be fishing tomorrow, and we are certain this Marlin bite won’t go away so easy. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the most up-to-date action from the docks! To all anglers fishing tomorrow, happy hunting!

September 9th, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

Busy day at the docks once again for Day 2 of the Big Fish Classic! As we reported yesterday, a few boats stayed out overnight to see what they could catch. the ‘Osprey’ fished the Masseys overnight and released 4 White Marlin and a Blue Marlin. The ‘Dawg Haus’ fished the Baltimore overnight, releasing 2 Whites. Fishing overnight in the Jackspot was the ‘Espadon’, who released 1 Blue Marlin, 2 White Marlin, and returned with 3 Yellowfin. the ‘My Cin’ crew released 4 Whites and returned with a Yellowfin from their day in the Baltimore. Also fishing the Baltimore was the ‘Sea Hag’ and ‘Tighten Up’, who both released 2 White Marlin. The ‘Legasea’ fished the Washington, releasing 3 White Marlin and 1 Blue Marlin. The ‘Grande Pez’ fished the Hot Dog, releasing 5 White Marlin.

The Big Fish Classic continues tomorrow with the third and final day of scale action. Those weigh-in’s will be held at Talbot St Pier (M.R. Ducks) and will be held from 4:00pm to 8:30pm. Good luck to those fishing tomorrow!

September 8th, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

It was a busy day of fishing today out of Sunset Marina for Day 1 of the Big Fish Classic! The ‘Boss Hogg’ had 1 Yellowfin and a good amount of Tilefish and Seabass. The ‘Pumpin Hard’ released 2 Whites, just above the ‘Buckshot’ and ‘Legasea’ who both released 2 White Marlin. The ‘Sea Hag’ released a Blue Marlin. The ‘Billfisher’ released 3 Whites during their day. The Poor-Mans was the hot spot today, with all of our reports coming from that location. Five boats docked at Sunset chose to stay overnight today, so we may have some excitement early on at the docks. Some of these boats are fishing the Big Fish Classic, so it will certainly be exciting to see what it weighed in when scales open at 4pm tomorrow.

September 7, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

Today was a welcome surprise after a long and quiet few days here at the marina as a few of the boats on the fleet got to venture out for the first time in awhile.  We are happy to report they found the fish and just in time for the 4th annual Big Fish Classic which starts tomorrow!  The crew of the ‘No Quarter were the first back to the dock releasing 2 whites and a blue, and returned with 2 nice yellowfin and 2 dolphin which they caught in the Baltimore canyon.  Right behind them we had the ‘Miss Annie’ who also returned with 2 good looking yellowfin and 10 dolphin they caught in the Poorman’s.  Fishing alongside them in the  Poorman’s was the ‘Marli’ who released 2 whites and caught 9 dolphin.  Many more of the boats will be out tomorrow looking for the fish so stay tuned and good luck to all those fishing in the tournament!!

September 4th, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

Happy Labor Day, anglers! The whole fleet went out today to see if the fish were biting- and they certainly were!

Fishing the Washington was the ‘Rhonda’s Osprey’, who caught 15 Mahi. The ‘Marli’ fished the Baltimore, releasing 3 Whites. The Boss Hogg caught 1 White Marlin and 3 Yellowfin, as well as a couple sea-bass. The ‘Reel Chaos’ brought some excitement to the docks with an 80lb Wahoo and a white and blue release. Both the Reel Chaos and Boss Hogg fished the Baltimore. The ‘Espadon’ fished the JackSpot, releasing 2 White Marlin. All of our other boats fished the Poor Man’s, catching a fair amount of Marlin! The ‘Griffin’ caught 8 Dolphin, the ‘Sea Hag’ released 3 Whites, both ‘Poor Sport’ and ‘Conspiracy’ released a white marlin, ‘D.A. Sea’ and ‘Buckshot’ both released 4 Whites, and ‘Tighten Up’ released 2 Whites. To Finish our report, ‘Roncito’ released 1 Blue Marlin and 4 Whites, returning with 1 Mahi.

Fishing appears to be picking up with more favorable weather possible for next weekend. This would be just in time for the Big Fish Classic, taking place at Talbot St pier. Stay tuned for more on the latest!

September 3rd, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

Happy September, anglers! The past few days have been slow at the docks, with nobody fishing due to some rough seas offshore. Thank changes tomorrow- with a good chunk of the fleet heading out to find the fish in time for the Big Fish Classic and the Challenge Cup. The only boat to fish from our charter fleet today was ‘Reel Chaos’, who fished the Poor Mans and released 2 White Marlin. The crew has plans to fish tomorrow as well. We expect to see plenty of reports after tomorrow, so be sure to check back in with us to find out the latest reports!

In regards to Hurricane Irma, we are closely monitoring this storm and urge or customers to do the same. At this time Irma is just too far out to know exactly if and where the storm will make landfall. However, with any severe weather event, preparation is key- and we recommend doubling up on lines, securing any loose items, and adjusting lines for a rising tide. We will be sure to update our customers via our website and Facebook should any important updates arise.

August 31, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

It’s been very quiet on the docks the past few days as the offshore forecast forced the boats to remain docked at the marina.  Today was the first day that provided a window of opportunity for them to sneak offshore once again.  We unfortunately only had two boats venture out today while many of our other friends packed up and set sail for other ports.  The ‘Marli’ was the first to return to the dock and caught two nice size yellowfin tuna and also had 6 dolphin.  The only other boat that went out today was the crew of the ‘Conspiracy’ who had two white marlin releases.  Both boats were fishing in the Washington Canyon.  The Marlin Club Labor Day tournament has been canceled for the weekend but hopefully some of our boats and crews get to go out and find the fish this holiday weekend!! Stay Tuned!

August 26th, 2017

Posted 2 years ago

The Mid-Atlantic has wrapped up after a long week of amazing scale action. We saw everything from a 75lb White on the Waste Knot, to TWO Blue Marlin’s within just three pounds of each other- on the same day! The ‘Goin In Deep’ weighed in a whopping 680lb Blue Marlin with the ‘Let It Ride’ weighing in shortly after with a 677 Blue Marlin. The entire week was filled with laughs, cheers, and smiling faces all the way up until awards last night. Thank you to all anglers who fished the tournament out of Sunset Marina and we hope to see you next year! Check out the final standings below:

Quite a few boats fished today, finding everything from White Marlin to Tilefish. The C-Boys fished the Baltimore, releasing one white marlin and returning with a bountiful 28 dolphin. The Boss Hogg released one Blue Marlin and caught a handful of Tilefish for their charter. The Osprey released 3 white marlin and returned with 4 Dolphin. The Marli released 2 Whites and returned with 10 dolphin. Last, but certainly not least, the Grande Pez released one White Marlin. All of these boats, minus the C-Boys, fished the Washington.