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July 1, 2022

Posted 9 months ago

We are entering into the month of July just right here at the marina.  Kicking off the holiday weekend we had a few boats venture out, successfully finding the tuna bite.  We had a few boats fishing in the Poorman’s today.  The crew on the Double J caught 6 yellowfin and a mahi.  The New Release returned with 2 yellowfin.  The rest of our boats fishing today were fishing in the Washington Canyon.  First back was the crew on the Husevo with 3 yellowfin.  Next we had the Marli with 9 yellowfin in the ice box.  Finally was the crew on the Bar South returning with 5 yellowfin.  Looks like the weather offshore is going to keep people at the docks but don’t let that ruin your holiday weekend.  Stop by, grab a cocktail, enjoy the bands playing at Teasers or stock up on your gear at both Atlantic Tackle and Sunset Provisions before heading off to those holiday barbecues!!

Pictured Below: “Marli” Crew (top) and “Bar South” (bottom)

June 26, 2022

Posted 9 months ago

Today was a slow day here at the marina.  There were 10 charter boats that went out today and it was slim pickings for a lot of them.  The only  boat to come back to the docks with fish was the Big Stick.  They started the day by trolling for tunas in the morning, but had no luck.   In the afternoon they decided to try their luck fishing for swordfish.  Their decision paid off, returning to the dock with 2 swordfish.   The first swordfish weighed in at 288 lbs and the second was around 90 lbs.  They reported fishing in the Poor Mans Canyon.  We will keep you posted on what returns to the docks tomorrow.

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June 25, 2022

Posted 9 months ago

The docks came alive today ringing in the tournament season!  Our two boats that fished in the Washington Canyon were the Buckshot and the Marli.  Marli came back to the dock with 6 yellowfin and the Buckshot caught 2 yellowfin.  The crew on the New Release returned from the Rockpile catching 10 yellowfin and keeping 4.  The Boss Hogg went to the Jackspot today and returned with 5 yellowfin and a dolphin.  The crew from the “Real One” came back to the scales with a 340lb Blue Marlin. Looks like tomorrow we have quite a few boats heading offshore so we will be sure to keep you posted on how they make out!

June 22, 2022

Posted 9 months ago

Another day at the marina that started out cloudy and cold turned into a beautiful evening!  The docks were buzzing today with activity as we prepare for a busy weekend with several different events.  We have the 2nd annual Tunas and Tiara’s tournament at the Ocean City Fishing Center.  The Marlin club Small boat tournament here at Sunset Marina and finally the Fish N Paddle Kayak tournament happening at Atlantic Tackle.  Summer is officially here!  We had a few of boats that went out today trying to find the bite.  The first back to the dock was the Hydrosphere with 4 yellowfin tuna.  Next we had the Buckshot return with 8 yellowfin.  The crew on the Marli caught 12 yellowfin tuna and finally the team on the Big Stick caught 24 yellowfin while only keeping 12.  All of our boats that fished today went to the Washington Canyon.

June 20, 2022

Posted 9 months ago

After a quiet few days on the docks the winds finally died down allowing the boats to head out to see what was out there.  The Baltimore was where our first two boats headed.  The crew on the Osprey returned with 8 yellowfin.  Next we had the team from the Marli return with 14 yellowfin.  The Washington Canyon is where the guys on the Big Stick headed.  They returned with 12 yellowfin.  There was a lot of fueling and prepping happening on the docks throughout the day so tomorrow looks like we will have more boats heading out!

June 16, 2022

Posted 10 months ago

What started off as a rainy dreary day turned into a beautiful afternoon here at the marina.  The boats that went out fishing today returned back to the dock with sunny skies and cool temperatures.  The first boat back to the dock today was the crew of the Osprey returning from the Baltimore Canyon with 5 yellowfin tuna.  The majority of the other boats chose to fish in the Poor Man’s Canyon today.  The crew of the Double J returned with 3 yellowfin.  The guys on the C-Boys had 5 yellowfin and a dolphin.  The team from the Pumpin Hard had 6 yellowfin while the crew of the Boss Hogg had 8 yellowfins.  Our only boat to fish in the Washington Canyon today was the guys on the Fish On returning with 2 yellowfin tuna.  Incoming weather may be keeping the boats at the dock this weekend but we won’t let that spoil the fun.  If you haven’t found that perfect gift for Dad, make sure to visit us online or in person.  Atlantic Tackle and Sunset Provisions, are fully stocked with apparel and gear to make this Father’s Day weekend a success!

June 13, 2022

Posted 10 months ago

With the weekend behind us, today was a day we saw our resident boats venture out in search of the fish.  All of our boats that ventured out today it seems headed in all different directions in search of the best bite.  First back to the dock was the crew of the Fish On.  They fished the Wilmington Canyon today and returned with 12 yellowfin tuna.  Fishing in the Poormans today was the crew of the Osprey and the Boss Hogg.  The Osprey released 10 yellowfin and kept 5 while also releasing a 500 lb blue marlin.  Way to go guys!!! The Boss Hogg returned with 9 yellowfin and also a big eye tuna.  The crew of the Marli headed to the Baltimore Canyon today and caught 5 yellowfin tuna.  Finally we had the crew of the Trailer Trash fishing in the Washington Canyon and they returned with 7 yellowfin and 7 golden tilefish.

June 11, 2022

Posted 10 months ago

Lots of fun sights and action to see around the marina today with the Ocean City Air show!  So many amazing tricks and maneuvers to watch made for an exciting day on the docks.  We also had a good amount of boats that headed out to watch the air show and also some that went searching for the fish.  The Baltimore Canyon was where the fish were biting today.  First back to the dock we had the Trailer Trash who returned with 4 tile fish, 3 golden tiles, 12 yellowfin tuna, and they also released a white marlin.  The Marli returned with 10 yellowfin and Finally the grande pez had 4 yellowfin.

June 10, 2022

Posted 10 months ago

It was a busy day down at the docks with many people out and about watching the planes do their practice runs for the air show this weekend.  We also had quite a few boats head offshore today looking for the tuna bite.  First back to the dock was the crew of the Cabana returning from the Wilmington Canyon with 14 yellowfin.  The rest of the fleet headed to the Baltimore today.  The crew of the Zipper returned with 3 yellowfin and 2 mahi.  The Fish On had 10 yellowfin and finally the C boys had 3 yellowfin.  Judging by the fuel and ice deliveries we had this evening it looks like tomorrow is going to be another exciting day on the docks, so be sure to stop by and see the action!!

June 5, 2022

Posted 10 months ago

It was quite a steady day here at the marina with a lot of transients coming, going and returning on top of having a few boats out fishing today as well.  We also had a few more seasonal boats return for the season as well, and of course we enjoy seeing all of their friendly faces.  The Baltimore was the fishing grounds of choice today.  First back to the dock was the crew of the Fish On returning with 6 yellowfin.  Next we had the Reel chaos return with 5 yellowfin and 1 dolphin.  Hopefully the weather cooperates tomorrow and we see some more boats head offshore again!

June 4th, 2022

Posted 10 months ago

It was a sunny beautiful day at the marina and things finally started to feel like summer!  We have more and more boats returning everyday which is a reminder that the season is upon us!  We had a few of our boats head offshore today in search of the tuna.  The fish did not let them down with most returning with a ice box full of yellowfin.  The first boat to return was the Fish On who fished the Wilmington and caught 14 yellowfin.  Fishing alongside them in the Wilmington was the crew of the Reel Chaos catching  17 yellowfin.  Finally the crew of the Boss Hogg was fishing the Spencer today and caught 20 yellowfin.  Looks like the fishing action is heating up so give us a call to book your next fishing trip or stop by grab a cocktail at the bar, and  watch the action live at the docks.

April 30, 2022

Posted 11 months ago
We’re very excited to announce that we will be an official East Coast Division weigh station for the 2022 MONGO Offshore Challenge. The MONGO Offshore challenge is the first and only big game fishing tournament of it’s kind, where you can fish any time you’d like, as often as you’d like, from May 1st through September 30th. Make sure to register your team early for chances to win big early entry prizes each week. Registration has been extended until June 30 and you must be registered to be able to fish the 3rd Annual MONGO Offshore challenge!  See video for more details or follow the links below!!