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June 13, 2020

Posted 11 months ago

It was an epic day here at the marina with tuna fish everywhere!  Even though the weather had boats turning back early it was not with disappointment, as they all came back to the dock with box full of fish!  The ‘Absolute Pleasure’ was the first back to the dock returning from an overnight trip in the Wilmington with 18 yellowfin tuna.  The ‘Osprey’ was also fishing in the Wilmington and returned with 15 yellowfin, and 3 Big Eye tuna.  The ‘Rippin Lips’ was our only boat to fish the Baltimore today and they returned with 12 yellowfin and 2 Big Eyes.  The rest of the fleet went to the Poormans today.  The ‘Marli’ and the ‘Boss Hogg’ both returned with 18 yellowfins in the chest.  The ‘Double J’ had 12 yellowfin and a Big Eye while the Reel Chaos had a Big eye and 20 yellowfin.  The crew of the ‘Cabana’ not only had 4 Big Eyes but an additional 8 yellowfin to throw on the dock as well.  The ‘Zipper’ returned with 6 yellowfin and the ‘Tighten up’ had 10 yellowfin.  The ‘Fish On’ had 17 yellowfin and a skippy and last but not least was the ‘Teresa Jean’ with 3 big eyes and 7 yellowfin tuna.  All these tuna are arriving just in time as we gear up for the 33rd annual Ocean City tuna tournament held at the Ocean City Fishing Center.  The tournament will be held on July 10-12th so be sure to check out their website http://www.octunatournament.com for more information and details!

June 12,2020

Posted 11 months ago

We finally had a good weather day, allowing a decent amount of boats in our fleet to head east.. The lone boat that went to the Baltimore Canyon was the ‘Osprey’ catching 8 yellowfin tuna. The remainder of the boats went to the Poormans Canyon and had a great day of fishing. The first back to the dock after a terrific day offshore was the ‘Boss Hogg’ catching 18 yellowfin, the ‘Double J’ returned to the dock with 8 yellowfin, the ‘Roll Groove’ catching 14 yellowfin tuna, the ‘Blue Eyes’ catching 10 yellowfin tuna , and lastly the ‘Pumpin Hard’ catching 8 yellowfin tuna. The tuna seem to have arrived as we look forward to what the weekend will bring!

Speaking of tuna, a quick reminder that the Ocean City Tuna Tournament is just around the corner! This year the tournament will be held July 10th-12th at the Ocean City Fishing Center. For more information, check out there website at https://octunatournament.com/

June 10,2020

Posted 11 months ago

The wind blew just enough to deter most of the boats in our fleet from fishing today. A few did venture out however, and caught some fish! Heading to the Baltimore Canyon today was the ‘Marli’ catching 3 yellowfin and the ‘Boss Hogg’ catching 1 dolphin.

June 9, 2020

Posted 11 months ago

Another day of amazing weather and another day of awesome fishing action!  The fishing grounds were between the Baltimore and the Poorman’s today.  The first to return from the Baltimore was the ‘Marli’ returning with 9 nice sized yellowfins.  Next we had the ‘Reel Chaos’ who returned with a big eye tuna and also a yellowfin.  The last boat to fish the Baltimore today was the ‘Griffin’ who returned with 3 dolphin and they also released a white marlin.  The ‘Boss Hogg’ returned from the Poormans with 5 yellowfin.  The ‘Pumpin Hard’ was fishing alongside them and had 2 white releases.  Finally in the Poorman’s was the ‘Blood Money’ releasing 3 whites, catching 2 yellowfin, and 2 dolphin, while the ‘Roll Groove’ released both a white and blue marlin.

June 8, 2020

Posted 11 months ago

The fleet went at it again today taking advantage of this gorgeous June weather!  The Baltimore Canyon was where many of them fished today.  The crew of the ‘Cabana’ returned with 2 white releases outside of the Baltimore canyon.  The ‘Osprey’ had 3 yellowfin and the ‘C-boys had 1 Big Eye tuna and a dolphin.  The ‘Reel Chaos’ had 2 yellowfin and a dolphin and the ‘Grande Pez’ caught 3 dolphin.  The ‘Boss Hogg’ was the last boat to fish the Baltimore and had a fantastic day returning with a 400 lb blue marlin while also releasing 8 bluefin tuna.  The Poorman’s was the other fishing grounds of choice today.  The ‘Special Situation’ returned with 5 dolphin while the ‘Buckshot’ returned with 2 yellowfin and a white release.  Finally we had the ‘Roll Groove’ who caught a 167 lb big eye tuna, 1 yellowfin tuna, 4 dolphin, and a white release.  The month of June just keeps getting better!

June 7, 2020

Posted 11 months ago

Can you believe in the beginning of June there’s more marlin being caught than tuna?! Neither can we! The only boat venturing out to the Baltimore Canyon today was the ‘Osprey’ returning with 1 mahi mahi, as well as 2 white marlin releases. The remainder of the fleet fished in the Poormans Canyon today and it didn’t disappoint. The ‘Marli’ released 1 white marlin , the ‘Reel Chaos’ returned with 1 yellowfin, the ‘Special Situation’ released an impressive 4 white marlin, the ‘Fish On’ and ‘Tara Jessica’ both released a blue marlin, and lastly the ‘C Boys’ as they released 1 white marlin and 3 big eyes. The largest bigeye weighing an amazing 177 lbs. The weathers looking good for next week, as we hope to see boats get out there and find those fish!

June 6, 2020

Posted 11 months ago

It was an exciting and busy day down at the docks with a large chunk of boats taking advantage of this beautiful weather!  Most of our boats fished in the Baltimore Canyon today with the ‘Osprey’ being the first to return.  Capt Joey and crew released a white marlin and also caught a yellowfin.  The ‘Magic Moment’ came back with 2 nice Big Eye tuna in the box.  The crew of the ‘Zipper’ caught 5 yellowfins while the crew of the ‘Reel Chaos’ had 8 yellowfin in the box.  The ‘Boss Hogg’ also had a successful trip in the Baltimore releasing 2 white marlin and catching 2 dolphin.  The ‘Blood Money’ was the last boat to fish the Baltimore and they released 2 whites and a blue marlin!  The last 2 boats in the fleet went to the Poormans canyon today and were not disappointed.  The ‘Teresa Jean’ released a white while also catching 4 yellowfin.  Finally the crew of the ‘C-boys’ had an awesome day bringing a 442 lb blue marlin back to the dock!  Fishing is really starting to heat up so don’t forget to give the marina office a call 410-213-9600 to book your next fishing charter!

June 4, 2020

Posted 11 months ago

After a quiet day on the docks yesterday, today was a nice change of pace having some of the fleet go out to see what they could find.  Our first boat to come back was the crew of the “Osprey” who returned from the Baltimore Canyon with 2 very nice sized yellowfin tuna.  Next we had the crew of the “Marli” fishing in the Poormans Canyon, releasing a white marlin and catching 14 yellowfin tuna.  The “Whisky Kilo”  also had an exciting day fishing in the Poorman’s Canyon releasing the 1st blue marlin of the season and also catching 6 yellowfin.  Congrats to Capt JoJo and crew!  Looks like we will have a few more boats go out tomorrow so we will be sure to keep you posted on how they make out!

June 2,2020

Posted 11 months ago

It was another quiet day here around the marina with only a few boats venturing offshore. Fishing between the Baltimore and Wilmington Canyons  was Captain Joe on the ‘Osprey’ catching 5 yellowfin and 1 skippy. Returning shortly after was the ‘Marli’, who returned from the Poormans Canyon catching 3 yellowfin.

June 1, 2020

Posted 11 months ago

Happy June! Although it was a beautiful day inshore, the weather offshore was a much different story. With the wind picking up, we only had 2 boats venture out in search of fish today. Heading South was the ‘Marli’ who returned to the dock with 1 yellowfin tuna and the ‘Blue Eyes’ who returned with 7 yellowfin tuna. It looks like the wind is going to continue to blow throughout the week, hopefully a few of our boats will be able to sneak out toward the end of the week.

May 31, 2020

Posted 11 months ago

The wind was blowing pretty steady here in Ocean City today, deterring most of our fleet from fishing. Although, it didn’t stop Capt. Andrew on the ‘Fish On’ as he ventured out to the Poormans Canyon today. He returned back to the dock with 4 nice yellowfin, while also releasing 2 white marlin on the day.

May 30, 2020

Posted 11 months ago

The summer of 2020 has officially begun! Although the season started off a bit slow with bad weather and little fish in the area, it has certainly begun to pick up within the last few days. With good weather and fair seas a few of our boats ventured out to see if they could find any yellowfin. Today the action took place in the Baltimore Canyon, with all of our boats reporting their catch from there. Returning back to the dock first today was the ‘Zipper’ catching 10 yellowfin, followed by the ‘Whiskey Kilo’ catching 9 yellowfin, the ‘C-Boys’ catching 8 yellowfin and 1 dolphin, the ‘Fish On’ catching 5 yellowfin, and lastly the ‘Marli’ catching 13 yellowfin. Let’s hope the fishing keeps up!