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July 27, 2019

Posted 4 weeks ago

The 6th Annual HUK Big Fish Classic kicked off today out of the Talbot Street Pier! A few boats out of our fleet fished there first day of the tournament, which resulted in a few fish being brought back to the dock. Venturing alone to the Norfolk Canyon today was the ‘Osprey’ who returned with 6 dolphin and released 2 white marlin. Heading to the Poormans Canyon was the ‘Fish On’ coming back to the dock with 2 yellowfin and 1 white marlin release and the ‘C Boys’ catching 2 yellowfin and releasing 1 white marlin. The ‘Electric Bill’ went North to the Spencer Canyon and released 5 white marlin. And lastly the ‘Marli’ who had an extremely impressive day killing 1 white marlin, releasing 1 white marlin, and releasing 3 blue marlin! It looks like the weather is shaping up to be a gorgeous weekend so stay tuned!

July 25, 2019

Posted 4 weeks ago

After a quiet few days with weather keeping the boats at the docks, today was a nice change.  Many of our crews were anxiously rigging and prepping for this weekend’s 6th annual Big Fish Classic.  The ice and fuel calls were steady throughout the day and it looks like there will be a good turnout for the tournament.  The crew of the “Marli” was our only boat to report today, returning from the Poorman’s with 40 dolphin.  Tomorrow looks like we will have a decent amount of our boats heading out again to see what they can find so stayed tuned for that report!

July 24, 2019

Posted 1 month ago

The fishing has been non existent the past few days due to weather and wind, but the end of the week looks great weather wise so keep an eye out for updates!

The 6th Annual Huk Big Fish Classic is this weekend, with the scales located at the Talbot Street Pier. This tournament is always exciting with big fish being hung each day, so make sure you check it out!

July 21, 2019

Posted 1 month ago

It was another hot day down on the docks but it did not stop some of our fleet from heading out in search of the fish.  The Baltimore Canyon was the most popular spot of today.  First to return was the crew of the “Zipper” with a nice wahoo and a white marlin release.  Behind them was the crew of the “Marli” with 19 dolphin including one at 40 lbs, 1 yellowfin, and they also caught their limit of tilefish.  The “Gret’s three J’s” had a great last day fishing the Kid’s Classic returning with 4 white releases, and a wahoo.  The “C-Boys” also had a great day returning with two nice sized cobia.  Finally we had the crew of the “Fish On” finish up their weekend fishing in the Poor Man’s today and returning with a yellowfin and 1 white release.

July 20,2019

Posted 1 month ago

The temperatures are heating up and so is the white marlin bite! The Poorman’s Canyon and the Baltimore Canyon were the hot spots today with all of the boats in the fleet heading in those directions. Venturing to the Poorman’s Canyon today was the ‘Primary Search’ returning to the dock with 3 dolphin, the ‘No Quarter’ with 1 dolphin and 2 white marlin releases, and finally the ‘Roll Groove’ catching 13 dolphin and releasing 1 white marlin. Heading out to the Baltimore Canyon today was the ‘Cabana’ catching 12 dolphin and releasing 3 white marlin, the ‘Gret’s 3 J’s’ releasing 4 white marlin, the ‘Lucky Duck’ returning with 1 blue marlin and 2 white marlin releases, the ‘Max Bet’ catching 1 wahoo, 1 dolphin, and releasing 1 white marlin, and finally the ‘Bar South’ releasing 2 white marlin.

July 19,2019

Posted 1 month ago

It was a quiet day down here on the docks with only a few boats fishing out of the fleet today. Venturing to the Baltimore Canyon today was the ‘Marli’ catching 5 dolphin, the ‘Reel Choas’ catching 6 dolphin, 12 blue line tile fish, and released 1 white marlin, the ‘Francesca’ returned from an overnight trip with 6 dolphin while also releasing 3 white marlin. The ‘Double J’ ventured to the Washington Canyon and returned to the dock with 8 dolphin and 1 white marlin release. It looks like a good number of boats are fishing tomorrow resulting in more action down on the docks!

July 17, 2019

Posted 1 month ago

It was a little quiet on the docks today with the heat keeping most people inside soaking up some much needed air conditioning.  We did have a few boats venture out hoping to find the fish.  First to return we had the “Osprey” with a white marlin release and 2 dolphin in the Rockpile.  Our next two boats found success in the Washington Canyon.  The crew of the “Buckshot” returned with 5 dolphin and a white marlin release.  The crew of the “Blue Eyes” came back with 2 dolphin, a white release and also a blue marlin release.  Our last boat the “Marli” returned from the Baltimore Canyon with 2 dolphin.  Most of the boats are watching the forecast for tomorrow and waiting to see what they will do.  Stay tuned and keep cool!

July 16,2019

Posted 1 month ago

A few boats in the fleet ventured out today in search of the white marlin bite that’s beginning to pick up. Heading out to the Washington Canyon was the ‘Cabana’ catching 16 tile fish, as well as the ‘C-Boys’ who caught 1 yellowfin, 1 dolphin, and released 2 white marlin. Venturing out to the Baltimore Canyon was the ‘Francesca’ releasing 1 white marlin, the ‘Lucky Duck’ releasing an impressive 5 white marlin, and lastly the ‘Bar South’ who returned from an overnight trip with 2 yellowfin, 1 dolphin, 7 white marlin releases, and 2 blue marlin releases! With the white marlin bite picking up I would expect to see a few more boats fishing the next couple of days.

July 14, 2019

Posted 1 month ago

That’s a wrap on the 2019 Ocean City Tuna Tournament! Congrats to the crews on the ‘Reel Chaos’ and the ‘Moore Bills’ for tying for 1st in the Heaviest Single Tuna category, as well as the ‘Theresa Jean’ for winning the Heaviest Tuna Stinger Overall! The Reel Chaos and the Teresa Jean are docked right here on C Dock!

To check out the full leader board and all final results follow this link:  www.octunatournament.com

July 13,2019

Posted 1 month ago

That’s a wrap for day 2 of the Ocean City Tuna Tournament!

95 boats have the availability to fish tomorrow, making it the busiest fish day with a good chance of some major changes to the existing leaderboard!

Check out the latest stats at www.octunatournament.com

July 12, 2019

Posted 1 month ago

The 32nd Annual Ocean City Tuna Tournament has officially begun! It was a beautiful day for both fishing and grabbing a drink up at Teasers to watch the fish come to the scales. While the majority of the action at the scales will take place at the Ocean City Fishing Center, Sunset Marina will serve as an alternative weigh-in station for stringer fish ONLY on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, all fish including stingers are to be weighed at the Ocean City Fishing Center.

Follow this link to check out the results from Day 1 of the tournament: www.octunatournament.com

Good luck to all anglers fishing tomorrow!

July 11, 2019

Posted 1 month ago

The docks were busy today as many of our boats geared up for this weekend’s 32nd Annual Ocean City Tuna Tournament.  Most of our boats headed out to the Baltimore Canyon today and came back with some nice catches that did not disappoint.  The “Southern C’s” came back with 3 yellowfin.  The “No Quarter” had 4 dolphin, 1 yellowfin, and 2 white releases while the “Marli” had 2 yellowfin, 2 dolphin, and 1 white release.  Finally the last to return from the Baltimore was the “Boss Hogg” who caught 4 yellowfin and a dolphin.  The crew of the “Francesca” returned from an overnight trip in the Wilmington Canyon with 7 white marlin releases.  Last we had the crew of the “Tighten Up” return from the Washington Canyon with 3 yellowfin, and 3 white marlin.  Tomorrow marks the first fish day of the tournament so stay tuned to see how they make out!