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August 30, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

No surprise that white marlin were the target today as the fantastic fishing continues!  All of the following boats fished the Washington Canyon today,  “No Quarter” released 3 white marlin,  “Osprey” released 2 white marlin and caught 6 dolphin,  “Marli” released 4 white marlin and caught 6 dolphin,  “Reel Chaos” released 4 white marlin and caught 3 dolphin,  “My Cin” released 3 white marlin.  The “Boss Hogg” was surprised with a 288lb swordfish while deep dropping which was on the dinner menu for a big mako shark as well as it came to the dock with some nice chunks missing!  They also released 2 white marlin on their trip,  “Grande Pez” released 5 white marlin,  “Brenda Lou” released 1 white marlin,  “Billfisher” released 8 white marlin, and finally the “Espadon” released 4 white marlin along with catching 6 dolphin!    As it looks like the weather is going to continue to be good for the week we shouldn’t be surprised to see flags flying and a lot of them!

August 29, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

Looks like the height of the marlin season is right around the corner with boats flying rigger fulls!  In the Baltimore the “Osprey” had a happy charter releasing 6 white marlin and catching 18 dolphin!  The following boats fished in the Poormans and had great days,  “Zipper” returned from an overnighter with 3 white marlin and caught 10 dolphin,  “Reel Chaos” released 3 white marlin and caught 38 dolphin!  “White Lighting” released 2 white marlin and caught 2 dolphin.  In the Washington is where the best action occurred where the following boats fished,  “Espadon” released 7 white marlin,  “Billfisher” and “Reel Joy” both released 10 white marlin!  “Par Five” released 5 white marlin,  “Poore Sport” released 7 white marlin and the “My Cin” released 5 white marlin!

If you are looking to catch your first white marlin in the White Marlin Capitol of the World this is the time to book so call the marina office today at 410-213-9600!

August 28, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

Mahi’s and Marlins continued to dominate the docks again today as the fleet returned from the canyons!  Coming in from an overnighter was the “Cookie Monster” who wasn’t able to snag a bigeye but did release 1 spearfish and 2 white marlin in the Baltimore,  “Reel Chaos” had a happy charter also fishing in the Baltimore returning with 12 dolphin and releasing 2 white marlin!  The “Fast Break” found some tunas catching 3 yellowfin and 1 mahi in the Baltimore.  The “Billfisher” and “Reel Joy” both released 4 white marlin while the “Marli” caught 2 white marlin and had a box full of 22 dolphin in the Poormans!  Fishing is steady right now and the marlin bite should only get better with time so now is the time to get out there and catch your first marlin!  Call the marina office today to book with one of our premier charter boats!

August 27, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

Wow another exciting day here at the docks as our boats returned from fishing!  We saw both white and blue marlin flags flying but the ice boxes were also filled with dolphin!  Fishing in the Baltimore the “Osprey” had 9 dolphin and 4 white marlin releases.  Also in the Baltimore the “Max Bet” had 4 white marlin releases while the “Pumpin Hard” returned with 2 blue marlin releases and 2 white marlin releases.  The “Espadon” went to the Baltimore as well and had 12 dolphin while the “Marli” went fishing between the Baltimore canyon and the Poormans Canyon and returned with 52 dolphin and a white marlin release.  The Poormans was also a hot spot today with the “Blood Money” catching 3 dolphin and releasing 2 whites while the “Brenda Lou” had 4 white releases!  Even though there are no tournaments this weekend nothing should stop you from getting your crew together and getting out there on the ocean!  Call the marina office today at 410-213-9600 to book your charter!

August 26, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

The White Marlin flags were flying today as many of our boats returned from successful overnight trips and day trips.  The Poormans Canyon was the hotspot of the day.  “Miss Annie”  returned from an overnight trip and had 4 white marlin releases and 3 big eyes and a wahoo.  The “DA Sea” also on an overnighter had 14 white releases and a blue marlin release.  The “Buckshot” and the “Brenda Lou” both had 5 white releases.  The “Legasea” had 9 white releases while the “My Gal Sal” had 4 white releases and a blue marlin release!  Finally the “Marli” returned from the Rockpile today with 50 nice dolphin and a white marlin release!  Just because the days are getting a little shorter and the kids are getting ready to go back to school doesn’t mean things are slowing down here at the docks!  Fishing is just heating up so call the marina office today to book your trip!  Wouldn’t you like to say you caught your first white marlin in Ocean City?

August 25, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

Fishing continues to be fantastic for our charter boats as we had a handful return with some great reports!  “Marli” fished the Rockpile and came back with 33 dolphin with the heaviest being 28lbs trolling near the lobster balls!  They also caught 2 white marlin on their trip.  “No Quarter” caught a grand slam releasing 2 spearfish, 1 white marlin and 1 blue marlin in the Poormans!  “Billfisher” also had a great day in the Poormans releasing 4 white marlin and catching 2 dolphin and 2 yellowfin!  We have some boats taking advantage of the nice night and staying out so stay tuned for tomorrows report to see what they caught!

There is still a lot of great fishing left in the season with the peak of the billfish bite right around the corner along with nice gaffer dolphin still in the mix!  So don’t miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime and call the marina office today at 410-213-9600  to book from our premier charter fleet!

August 16, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

As the majority of the fleet stayed back to put the finishing touches  on rigging we did have a couple go out and test the waters.  A huge congratulations goes out to Jace Conrad who released his first white marlin today on his dad’s boat “Three J’s”!  “Marli” took his charter to the Baltimore and released 3 white marlin and caught 2 dolphin,  “Brenda Lou” released 3 white marlin and caught 3 dolphin also in the Baltimore.

It looks like a lot of boats are going out for the first day of the MidAtlantic tournament so we are expecting an exciting day at the scales!

August 15, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

With slick calm conditions the boats sure racked up some releases today!  It is always fun seeing the groups for the Poor Girls and we are so happy with all the participation we saw over the weekend along with the excellent fishing!  The Baltimore seemed to be the hot spot yet again where the following boats fished today,  “Waste Knot” came back from an overnighter with 10 white marlin releases along with a 50lb wahoo!  “Goin in Deep” released 4 white marlin,  “Osprey” released 2 white marlin and 1 blue marlin,  “Odinspear” released 2 white marlin along with the “Espadon”,  “Billfisher” headed home with a rigger full of 8 white marlin releases,  “My Cin” released 1 white marlin and caught 7 dolphin,  “Reel Fantasy” released 4 white marlin and a blue marlin,  “Tighten Up” had a happy crew releasing 4 white marlin!  Up in the Wilmington the “Reel Toy” released 5 white marlin 1 blue marlin!  “Bar South” also had a great day releasing 4 white marlin in the Poormans.

It looks like the majority of the fleet is staying in tomorrow to rig for the up coming Mid-Atlantic Tournament starting Monday so hopefully fishing stays hot and we see some awesome fish come to the scales!

August 14, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

Who said girls can’t fish??  They sure proved the boys at the dock wrong today as we had multiple groups have fantastic days on the water fishing the Poor Girls Tournament!  The Baltimore continued to be the hot spot where the following boats fished today,  “Reel Toy” released 8 white marlin,  “Espadon” released 2 white marlin,  “Buckshot” released 3 white marlin,  “Bar South” released 5 white marlin and 1 spearfish,  “Tighten Up” released 5 white marlin,  “Reel Joy” had a rigger full releasing 8 white marlin and 1 spearfish!  “Reel Chaos” released 7 white marlin and caught 7 dolphin.  Returning from an overnighter in the Baltimore the “Gina Lisa” had an action packed night and day releasing 10 white marlin, 1 blue marlin, catching 4 bigeyes and 12 dolphin!  Venturing to the Poormans,  “Fish Tricks” released 1 white marlin and caught 3 dolphin and a yellowfin tuna while  “Brenda Lou” released 3 white marlin!  Heading off the fleet was the “Pumpin Hard” who fished in the Washington and released 6 white marlin and 1 spearfish!

It looks the majority of the fleet is heading out tomorrow to fish the last day of the Poor Girls and get their gear ready for the Mid-Atlantic tournament starting Monday, so stay tuned for tomorrow nights report as it should be as action packed as todays!

August 13, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

It was White Marlin madness at the docks today as the First Day of  Capt. Steve Harmen’s  Poor Girls Open kicked off!  The Baltimore Canyon was the place to be as many of our boats returned with their outriggers full and flags flying!  “Osprey” returned with 2 dolphin and had a white release.  The “Buckshot” had three white releases and the “Tighten Up”  had their riggers full releasing 7 whites!  The “Marli” also had a great day with 8 dolphin and a White release.  Both the “D.A. Sea” and the “Absolute Pleasure” had 6 white releases!  “Fish On”  had 2 white releases and a blue marlin release while the “Espadon” had 7 dolphin and 2 white releases.  Finally we had the “G-force” return from an overnight trip in the Washington Canyon with 2 Big eye tuna and a white release!  Marlin fishing is gearing up just in time for the 24th Annual Mid-Atlantic tournament!  The Mid-Atlantic tournament really is fun for all who enter and provides participants more ways to win big prize money! The tent went up today so be sure to stop by and register this Sunday between 1 and 4:30 pm for your shot at big prize money!

August 12, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

Well with the wind finally letting up a few of our boats finally made it out today and had a great day!  The Washington was the hot spot of the day!  “No Quarter” returned with 4 dolphin and a yellowfin.  The “My Cin” had a blue marlin release, a 145 lb Bigeye tuna, 10 dolphin, and 3 yellowfin.  The “Marli”  brought 6 yellowfin back to the dock and also had a white marlin release, while  both the “Odinspear” and the “Legasea” had 2 white releases each.  The “Karma” and the “Fish On” went to the Poormans today.  “Fish On” had 6 white releases and 19 dolphin and the “Karma” had 4 white releases.  Finally the “Bar South” fished alone in the Baltimore canyon and had 8 white releases.  Fishing is really heating up just in time for the 22nd Annual Capt. Steve Harman’s Poor Girls Open!  A lot of boats got fuel and ice today in anticipation so stayed tuned for tomorrow’s fishing report!

August 11, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

It has been awhile since we were able to post a fishing report with the craziness of the White Marlin Open and the weather not cooperating over the weekend.  Hopefully this wind will lay out and our guys can get back to fishing!  “Marli”  was able to go out for a 16hr trip leaving the dock at 7:30 am yesterday morning and returned last night around 12am.  The trip paid off returning with 24 dolphin, 13 yellowfin, 1 bigeye and 1 white marlin release in the Washington!  The private boat “Waste Knot” returned this morning also having huge success releasing 4 white marlin, a 194lb bigeye and a handful of dolphin and yellowfin!

The weather for this weekend looks great for the 22nd Annual Poor Girls Open which is great event benefiting breast cancer awareness, with fishing days the 13-15.  Starting on Monday the 17th the “Mid-Atlantic” tournament begins which is a great tournament with Sunset Marina being a co-host weigh in!  Make sure you stop by the docks to see the catches and be apart of all the excitement!