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June 15, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

With the weather looking questionable for this weekend our boats took advantage of the beautiful weather and returned with nice catches.  Most of the fleet fished in between the Washington and Norfolk Canyons and first back today was the “Osprey” with 4 yellowfin in the box while releasing another 15.  “Odinspear” returned with some happy customers with 6 40lb+ yellowfin in the box along with releasing a white marlin.  “Tighten Up” was able to wrangle up 5 yellowfin and “Espadon” was right behind them with 6 yellowfin.  “Marli” keeps racking the numbers up bringing home another 12 yellowfin to the docks and “Boss Hogg” also had a great day with 8 yellowfin and 1 white marlin release.  “C-Boys” got some meat for their charter returning with 2 yellowfin and 1 dolphin.  Overall there is great charter fishing right now with the ability to catch yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi and even a white marlin all in the same day.  Make sure you look at our extensive charter fleet on our website or call the marina office at 410-213-9600 to book today!

June 14th, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

After a few rocky days offshore, a few boats managed to bring some meat back to the docks!

‘The Zipper’ caught a whopping 9 Dolphin and 6 Dolphin from the South Washington area!

The ‘Marli’ returned with 17 Yellowfin Tuna and 2 Dolphin coming in right nose and nose with the ‘Boss Hogg’ who had 15 Yellowfin and 4 Dolphin. Both the ‘Marli’ and ‘Boss Hogg’ reported to be in the Washington as well.

June 11th, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

The Norfolk and the Washington were the hot spots today! Most all boats reported an assortment of Tuna and Dolphin, with a few surprises in the mix!

The ‘Rhonda’s Osprey’ certainly had the most Yellowfin back to the docks, with a whopping 14 and releasing 14 more! In addition, they returned with 3 Dolphin and 1 Skipjack. They reported to be fishing in the Norfolk.

The ‘Fish Tricks’ brought back 2 Yellowfin and 2 Dolphin, but reported releasing 36 Yellowfin from the Washington! Also fishing the Washington was the ‘Sea Slammer’, ‘White Lightning’, the ‘Marli’, and ‘Grande Pez’.

The ‘Zipper’ brought back 3 Dolphin and surprised everyone by bringing back a 48 lb Wahoo from the Norfolk. Also fishing the Norfolk was ‘Lucky Duck II’.

The ‘Boss Hogg’ came back successful again, bringing 7 Yellowfin, 2 Dolphin, and a 203 lb Big Eye back to the docks from the Norfolk! They also released 20 Yellowfin in addition.

June 10th, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

If you’ve been contemplating getting offshore, now is a perfect time to do it!

The ‘Boss Hogg’  fished the Norfolk and returned with 5 Yellowfin and a whopping 17 Dolphin! The ‘My Cin’ fished the Norfolk as well, returning with 2 Yellowfin and 10 Dolphin.

Everyone else from our fleet fished the Washington,  with the ‘White Lightning’ and ‘Marli’ leading the pack in that area. The ‘White Lightning’ Crew brought 17 Yellowfin and 4 Dolphin back to the docks, the Marli brought back 17 Yellowfin as well, however they returned with 7 Dolphin from their trip. Fish Tricks had an amazing day in the Washington too, returning with 10 Yellowfin and 4 Dolphin.

June 5th, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

After a busy couple days on the water, most of the boats here at Sunset Marina chose to stay in. However, that doesn’t mean it was quiet on the docks. The ‘Boss Hogg’ trekked out to the Poor Mans and returned with 6 Yellowfin Tuna and 10 Dolphin! The ‘Marli’ and the ‘Absolute Pleasure’ also fished and returned with a few catches as well.

June 4th, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

Day 2 of Mako Mania was certainly a success at the Sunset Marina docks! The ‘Marli’ fished the Washington with 4 Yellowfin Tuna and 6 Dolphin, fishing alongside the ‘Rhonda’s Osprey’ and Blood Money, who returned with a few dolphin as well as a Mako with Capt. Anthony Pino’s crew. The Poore Sport also fished the Washington, and returned victories with 1 Bigeye, 3 Yellowfin, and 3 Dolphin.

The Boss Hogg tried the RockPile yesterday, and brought back 8 Yellowfin Tuna’s and 1 Dolphin. The Fish tricks went out for their first trip of the season, returning with 8 Yellowfin! Fishing is certainly hot right now, so be sure to join in on the action and book your charter today!

June 3, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

Sharks were the target species today as the Mako Mania kicked off here in Ocean City.  As the boats rolled in it looked like a busy day at the scales down at Bahia Marina.  The following boats  fished in the Washington today,  “C-Boys” was able to muscle in 2 mako’s and release 2 hammerheads along with boating 25 dolphin.  “Chasin Tails” boated a mako along with 3 dolphin, “White Lighting” got in on some tuna action catching 17 yellowfin and 4 dolphin!  “Marli”  had a variety of the toothy creatures releasing 6 makos, 1 tiger shark, 1 hammerhead and 2 brown sharks.  Down in the Norfolk the “Boss Hogg” returned to the docks with 3 yellowfin and 3 dolphin.  Day 2 of the tournament is tomorrow so if you are in Ocean City make sure you make a trip to Bahia Marina to check out the weigh ins or stop into here to see some awesome catches!

June 2, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

Leading up to the Mako Mania Tournament this weekend we had a couple of charters run out to investigate some good spots.  “Marli” returned from the Norfolk with 9 yellowfin and 7 dolphin.  “Boss Hogg” had MMA fighter Royce Gracie on the boat and he took time off from the ring to wrangle in his first white marlin!  The crew also had a good haul of 4 yellowfin, 17 dolphin and a nice 180lb mako.  It looks like we are going to have a lot of boats fishing the tournament this weekend so if you want to see some awesome looking sharks make sure you stop in to the marina!

June 1, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

With the first holiday of the season over and the warmer days of summer upon us, we here at Sunset Marina are excited to see what the 2016 season has to bring!  Yellowfin Tuna fishing started off great, along with nice gaffer dolphin starting to trickle in as well.  Over the weekend we had the first White and Blue Marlin release out of Ocean City along with the successful tuna fishing.  Over the past couple days the tuna fishing has slowed with boats not limiting out but still returning with a good haul.  This was the case for the crew of the “Marli” who returned from the Washington with 5 yellowfin in the  35-40lb range, 5 nice gaffer dolphin and went 2/3 on white marlin!  Now is the time to book a charter because there is a lot of fish and not to many boats fishing.  This enhances your opportunity to fight the fish and not the crowds, so make sure you call the marina office today at 410-213-9600 to book with one of our many charters or you can book through our website www.ocsunsetmarina.com.  Tight Lines!

May 29, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

The holiday weekend is wrapping up and as it has been for the past couple days the Norfolk Canyon was the hot spot.  The fish seemed to be scattered out but we still had some nice reports back at the dock.  “Reel Fantasy” caught 11 yellowfin, 11 dolphin and 1 mako, “Osprey” brought back 9 yellowfin and 4 dolphin, “Buckshot” brought in 12 yellowfin and 4 gaffer dolphin, “My Cin” caught 3 yellowfin, 4 dolphin and a mako.  “Marli” had 5 dolphin and 2 yellowfin, “C-Boys” had a mix of a white marlin release, 3 yellowfin and 3 dolphin.  “Boss Hogg” was able to catch 6 nice yellowfin and 5 dolphin.  With this front coming in today it looks like the next couple days might be a wash out but the charters will hit it hard when the weather breaks!

May 28, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

Another beautiful day here at the marina,  people were buzzing around and fishing continues to be hot!  The action is still is down in the Norfolk with the “Max Bet” returned with 13 yellowfin and released a mako.  “Marli” continued their roll with 21 yellowfin and 1 mako.  With the first White Marlin of the season being caught yesterday, the crew of the “Boss Hogg” followed that up with the first Blue Marlin release!  They estimated the fish to be at 700lbs and they were able to grab some great action shots of it jumping out of the water.  They also boated 12 yellowfin to round out their day!  It looks like tomorrow will be another busy day so if you are in the area make sure you stop by the docks to see these amazing catches!

May 27, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

Another exciting day here at the marina as we kick off this Memorial Day weekend!  The “Boss Hogg” returned with a box full, catching 17 yellowfin while releasing another 20.  They also released a mako and saw a blue marlin fishing in the Norfolk.  “Reel Chaos” had a great day coming back from the Norfolk with 21 yellowfin and 7 nice gaffer dolphin.  In other exciting news, the “In the Black” caught the first White Marlin today!  He was also fishing in the Norfolk when the whitey came up on his green machine and they successfully hooked and released the fish.  They also had several tuna and a nice mako to bring back so congrats to the crew for a great day!  It is gearing up to be a great Holiday weekend with lots of activity so make sure you stop by the Marina to see some of the action or call the marina office at 410-213-9600 to book your next charter trip!