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July 4, 2015

Posted 6 years ago

The offshore weather didn’t cooperate for this 4th of July keeping a lot of boats in, but we did have some manage to squeeze out good fishing today.  “Scattebol” returned from a overnight trip in the Washington with a nice 190lb Bigeye tuna!  In the Massey Canyon “Marli”  had a solid day returning with 3 Bluefin and 1 dolphin in the box,  “Zipper” fished in the Hotdog and was rewarded with 3 yellowfin and 4 dolphin.  Fishing in the Rockpile,  “Reel Joy” caught 3 dolphin and released 1 white marlin,  “Buckshot” had a solid day releasing 3 white marlins and 2 dolphin!

There is a lot of rigging going on the docks tonight meaning we should have a lot of boats fishing out of the marina tomorrow.  It is also the last day for the OC Marlin Club Canyon Kickoff so stay tuned for tomorrows fishing report it should be a good one!

July 3, 2015

Posted 6 years ago

What a great day of fishing out of the marina, there was a great mix of meat fish along with billfish caught today!  Fishing in the Hambone, “Osprey” hit the docks with 1 Bluefin, 1 yellowfin (releasing 9) and 2 dolphin,  “Marli” returned with 2 Bluefin and 3 dolphin,  “Reel Chaos” returned with 2 Bluefin, 4 dolphin and 1 wahoo, both boats fishing in the Hotdog.  In the Poorman’s  “Espadon” came back with 4 dolphin and 1 yellowfin,  “Boss Hogg” hit the docks with 1 Bluefin, 37 dolphin, 56 tilefish and 40 seabass.  Fishing down in the Washington today  “D.A. Sea” had a great trip releasing 5 white marlin along with catching 4 dolphin, “Poore Sport” released 1 blue marlin and 1 white marlin,  “Pumpin Hard”  came home with 1 wahoo and 1 dolphin in the box.  The following boats fished in the Wilmington,  “Tighten Up” released 2 white marlin and caught 8 dolphin,  “Brenda Lou”  also released a white marlin.  “Fish Tricks”  was able to catch 5 dolphin in the Jackspot today.  Great job to all the crews today!!

No plans before the fireworks tomorrow night?  Swing by the docks to look at all the beautiful boats and their catches of the day!!

July 2, 2015

Posted 6 years ago

We had plenty of fisherman brave the storms today! “Boss Hogg”, returned from the Washington with 1 big eye, 1 dolphin, 40 tilefish, and 22 seabass. “Marli” came back from the Hotdog with 2 bluefin and 3 dolphin, “Billfisher” had a white release from the Norfolk, “Espadon” had 2 bluefin, 2 dolphin, and 1 white release from the Hotdog, and “Reel Chaos” came back from the Baltimore with 5 dolphin.  Many of our boats spent the day rigging and prepping to fish tomorrow so stayed tuned for tomorrow’s report it should be a good one!  If you haven’t already planned your holiday weekend fishing trip it isn’t too late call the marina office today at 410-213-9600 to book your fishing trip of a lifetime!

July 1, 2015

Posted 6 years ago

The month of July has kicked off to a great start with many of our boats returning back to the dock with a full fish box!  Boss Hogg fished the Poorman’s Canyon and had 9 Sea Bass, 25 Tile Fish, and 19 dolphin.  The Viva la Vita returned from the Hot Dog with 2 bluefin, 1 yellowfin, and 4 dolphin.  Fishing with them at the Hot Dog the Max Bet had 2 Bluefin tuna.  The Marli fished the Teacup and returned with 5 yellowfin, 2 bluefin, and 2 dolphin.  Get your gear together and head to Sunset Marina, what better place is there to spend your holiday weekend?

June 30, 2015

Posted 6 years ago

What a great day all of our boats had today!!  Coming back around 1:30 this afternoon from a overnight trip in the Washington, the “Pumpin Hard 58” had 6 gaffer dolphin along with 4 Bigeye Tuna weighing 296, 248, 200, and 184lbs!!  “Osprey”  also fished in the Washington returning with 4 yellowfin, 6 dolphin and 1 wahoo,  “Max Bet” went marlin fishing in the Poormans had had a great trip releasing 3 white marlin and 2 blue marlin!  “Marli” ventured to the Hotdog and was rewarded with 2 yellowfin and 1 dolphin,  “Boss Hogg”   fished in the Baltimore and tore into some dolphin coming home with 31 in the box and also having a white marlin release.  They also released 3 yellowfin during their trip.

June 29, 2015

Posted 6 years ago

With the wind and seas finally subsiding, a couple of boats were able to see if the tunas were still biting.  “Osprey” with Capt. Joe Drosey kept his charter on their heels coming back to the docks with 3 yellowfin (releasing 25) and 4 dolphin at the Hambone,  “Marli” had a great day returning with 11 yellowfin and 3 dolphin,  “Grande Pez” also had a great day catching 5 yellowfin and 1 dolphin, both boats fished at the Hot Dog.  Even though the number of keepers are not as high as previous weeks, our charter boats are still seeing a lot of action with multiple releases keeping the rod bent all day along with bringing home gaffer dolphin.  Fishing is still really good so don’t miss out on the action, call the marina office today at 410-213-9600!

June 27, 2015

Posted 6 years ago

We had a couple brave charter boats venture out  to the Hotdog today and were rewarded despite rough seas.  “Reel Chaos” came back to the docks with 2 yellowfin tuna and 1 dolphin,  “Marli”  kept his charter busy catching 6 yellowfin (releasing 10) 4 dolphin and 1 white marlin release!

June 26, 2015

Posted 6 years ago

With the weather not looking too good for the weekend we had a couple boats manage to sneak out a trip today.  “Osprey” returned with 7 yellowfin tuna while releasing 6 more,  “Espadon” managed to come home with 3 yellowfin and 5 dolphin,  “Reel Chaos” hit the docks with 3 yellowfin and 1 dolphin,  “Marli” returned with 8 yellowfin while releasing 9 more and 1 dolphin,  “Boss Hogg” came back with 4 yellowfin and 4 dolphin in the box while releasing lots of smaller yellowfin.

June 25, 2015

Posted 6 years ago

Thrilling Thursday at beautiful Sunset Marina! Grande Pez returned from the hotdog with 1 bluefin, 1 yellowfin, 2 dolphin, and a white release! Odinspear came back with 3 yellowfin and 1 dolphin, Osprey returned with 2 Mahi from the hotdog, Boss Hogg came home from the poormans with 40 dolphin, 15 sea bass, and 15 tilefish, Reel Toy joined in with 2 white releases and 2 dolphin, Marli came home with 1 yellowfin and 2 dolphin, Second Chance returned from the hotdog with 6 Mahi and 1 yellowfin, and White Lightning came back from the poormans with 1 bluefin, 2 yellowfin, and 2 dolphin! ‪

June 24, 2015

Posted 6 years ago

Our boats fishing today stayed a little more inshore looking to pick up their limit of yellowfin along with some bluefins.  Fishing at the Teacup “Osprey” with Capt. Joe Drosey hit the docks with 3 yellowfin, 2 bluefin, and 2 dolphin,  “Marli”  had a great trip bringing home 9 yellowfin and 1 Bluefin!  “Daug Haus”  was full of smiles after coming home with 10 yellowfin and 1 dolphin in the box!  Fishing at the Hot Dog “Boss Hogg”  had a happy charter returning back to the marina with 12 yellowfin.  We also had “G-Force” fish out in the Hambone and was rewarded with 3 dolphin and 4 yellowfin.

June 23, 2015

Posted 6 years ago

Our charter boats did not disappoint today bringing home happy anglers!  “Espadon” returned with a great catch of 49 dolphin while trolling and bailing the polyballs out in the Poormans Canyon.  The quality of fish was outstanding with Capt. Sylvain able to get his charter over 450 lbs of mahi filets!!  “Marli”  with Capt. Mark Hoos did what he does best and searched for tunas and was rewarded with a great catch of 8 yellowfins, 2 bluefins (released 9 more) and 2 dolphin!

All of our charter boats do an outstanding job of making your trip worth every penny, so if you want to book a fishing trip of a lifetime now is the time!  Call the Marina Office today at 410-213-9600 to book with Ocean City’s Premier Charter Fleet!

June 22, 2015

Posted 6 years ago

We only had a couple boats venture out fishing today but they all had successful trips!  “Espadon” with Capt. Sylvain Cote racked up some meat for his charter returning with 60 dolphin and 1 yellowfin at the Rockpile,  “Marli” with Capt Mark Hoos saw some action hitting the docks with 2 yellowfin and 10 dolphin in the Poormans,  “Grande Pez” returned with 1 yellowfin and 5 dolphin.