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September 28, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

It was another dreary day at the docks with overcast conditions throughout the day.  From the Captains report it wasn’t much prettier with the wind blowing a little harder out of the east then expected.  However, this didn’t stop some boats from heading out and putting some meat in the box!  “Marli” ventured up to the Wilmington and caught 4 yellowfin and 27 dolphin!  “No Quarter” heading south between the Washington and Norfolk and caught a white marlin and 4 yellowfin.  We have a couple boats still out who headed south to scope out the marlin bite so hopefully tomorrow they have a good report for us!

September 27, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

We only had one boat head out today which was the “Reel Chaos” who fished in the Wilmington Canyon and returned with 1 yellowfin and 5 dolphin.  It looks like the fleet is going to give it a shot tomorrow with better fishing conditions so stay tuned for tomorrow nights report!

September 26, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

The cooler temperatures of the fall season have certainly  not had an effect on the action at the docks.  Many of the fleet went to the Wilmington today seeking out the tuna bite. The “My Cin” returned with a nice yellowfin and also a White Marlin release.  The “Boss Hogg” had 3 yellowfin and a dolphin.  The “Marli” had 4 yellowfin, a dolphin and a White Marlin release.  Fishing between the Baltimore and the Wilmington was the “G-force” who came home with 2 White releases and a Blue Marlin release.  Finally the crew of the “Osprey” went to the Baltimore and had 11 dolphin, 3 yellowfin, and 5 white releases.  Most of our boats who were out for the billfish bite were still fishing late into the evening.  Hopefully their late arrival means they were able to find the bite!

September 25, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

It is starting to feel like fall with cooler temperatures throughout the day.  The fishing hasn’t cooled off with tunas and marlins still being caught in the Baltimore Canyon!  “Marli” caught a nice 59lb wahoo and 3 dolphin,  “Billfisher” caught 6 white marlin and 3 yellowfin!  “Fish Tricks” fished in the Washington and caught 6 dolphin and 3 yellowfin.  We heard of a nice tuna bite in the Wilmington Canyon so I’m sure we will see some meat hit the docks tomorrow evening!

September 24, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

It was a dark and gloomy day here at the docks with not much sunshine and spitting rain throughout the day.  However, that didn’t stop some boats from venturing out to the deep!  “Osprey” fished the Poorman’s and released 2 white marlin and caught 6 dolphin.  It looked like the best action was in the Baltimore Canyon where the following boats fished.  “Boss Hogg” had a mix of a blue marlin release, 60 dolphin and 7 yellowfin  tuna,  “Marli” caught 8 yellowfin tuna and released 4 white marlin,  “Zipper” caught a wahoo and 14 dolphin and the “Buckshot” released 7 white marlin!   It is nice to see some tunas starting to come in the mix so hopefully we will start to see the late season run!

September 23, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

With the weather keeping the fleet at bay the past couple days it seemed to let up just enough for them to get some baits wet.  From what we heard it wasn’t too pretty on the ride out and back with semi fishable conditions but they managed to get it done!  Running down to the Washington was the “Boss Hogg” who caught a nice 48lb wahoo, released 3 white marlin and put 33 dolphin in the box!  “Billfisher” added to their white marlin count releasing 4 for the day.  Stopping in the Poorman’s Canyon was the “Osprey” where Capt. Joe released 3 white marlin and caught 3 dolphin,  “My Cin” released 1 white marlin and caught 14 dolphin,  “Marli” released 1 white marlin and boated 30 dolphin and 1 yellowfin.  “Buckshot” fished between the Baltimore and Poormans’ and released 2 white marlin.  High hook of the day went to Capt. Luke on the “C-Boys” where he got on into some white marlin releasing 10 and boated 3 nice 60+lb yellowfin tuna!

The weather looks like a little dicey tomorrow but we fueled some boats today making it seem like they are trying to get their last days in before these fish pass on by.  If you haven’t got on the action yet make sure you call the marina office at 410-213-9600 to get hooked up with Ocean City’s Finest Charter Fleet!

September 18, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

It looks like the bite was down south with the “White Lighting” fishing the Washington and released 1 white marlin and caught 27 dolphin.  The “Reel Chaos” released 7 white marlin down there as well.  In the Norfolk the “Pumpin Hard” released 4 white marlin and 1 blue marlin,  “My Cin” released 5 whites and caught 1 dolphin,  “Buckshot” released 6 white marlin.

September 17, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

As the OCMC vs CMMTC ended up being a one day shootout, today it was game on for the fleet with over 60 boats fishing today!  We saw great number of releases as it seems the bite ended up being down south towards the Washington.  It almost seems like a mini White Marlin Open on the docks and it always a great way to end the season.  We here at Sunset want to thank both the Ocean City Marlin Club and the Cape May Marlin & Tuna Club for hosting such a great release tournament!

A few reports we got off the docks was the “Osprey” released 6 white marlin and caught 1 yellowfin in the Poorman’s.  Down in the Washington the “Marli” released 4 white marlin and caught 20 dolphin,  “Fish Tricks” released 6 white marlin and 2 dolphin and the “My Cin” released 3 white marlin and caught 2 dolphin.  It looks like they are heading back out to get the last bit of the marlin bite so tomorrow should be another great day!

September 14, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

If we could sum up today in one word it would be WOW!!  We had boats return from overnight trips down south and boats have great success on day trips as well.  “Osprey” fished the Poorman’s Canyon and released 6 white marlin and was back home before 1pm!  Heading down to the Washington was the “My Cin” who released 7 white marlin and the “Marli” fished the Rockpile and released 5 white marlin and put 10 dolphin in the box.  Most of the action was down in the Norfolk Canyon where the marlin bite is the hottest right now with the “Billfisher” releasing 14 white marlin and the “Makara” released 20 white marlin!  The “Pumpin Hard” stayed out overnight down in the Norfolk and had a successful trip releasing a whopping 27 white marlin!  “Espadon” stayed overnight south of the Spencer Canyon and kept busy releasing 21 white marlin and 1 blue marlin!

The big news of the day was the return of the “No Quarter” in which we caught wind of them catching a “Fantasy Slam” in which they would have caught 5 different types of billfish.  Their arrival was awaited by many and they sure didn’t disappoint with them releasing a whopping 23 white marlin, 2 blue marlin, 2 sailfish, 1 spearfish, and hauled in a fantastic 350lb swordfish!  This is rumored to be the first and only “Fantasy Slam” to happen in Ocean City, so congratulations to Captain Kyle and his crew for their awesome trip!  We also need to add that they boated a 250lb mako that was trying to make a meal out of their swordfish!

It was overall a fantastic day on the docks but the weather doesn’t look to good for tomorrow but with the bite this good we are sure to have a few boats give it a shot.  We have the Challenge Cup also occurring over the weekend so we should see some more flags flying over the next couple of days!

September 13th, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

If you haven’t considered fishing this week, you may want to change your plans! White Marlin  fishing took off today- with amazing numbers of releases reported on the docks.

In the Rockpile, the Marli released 8 White Marlin and returned with 19 Dolphin and 1 Wahoo. The Buckshot also fished the Rockpile and released 3 White Marlin and brought 8 Dolphin back. The G-Force released 6 White Marlin, reporting to be “everywhere”. In the Poor Mans, the Osprey released 4 White Marlin and returned with 1 Yellowfin, and the Reel Joy released 8 Whites. The Washington also proved bountiful for White Marlin, with the Marli releasing 8, First Light releasing 11, DA Sea releasing 10, Tighten Up releasing 5, and the Poor Sport releasing 12 White Marlin.

The most bountiful of them all seemed to be the Norfolk fisherman, where the Reel Chaos released a whopping 18 White Marlin and the Billfisher crew releasing 12 Whites and 1 Blue.

September 12th, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

White Marlin fishing is hot!! Reports of 30 bites in the Norfolk have everyone gearing up to fish tomorrow and catch the prestigious white marlin. As for today, boats returned successful with plenty of marlin to please the crew. Both the Billfisher and the Reel Chaos fished the Poor Mans today, the Billfisher with 2 White releases and Reel Chaos with 5 releases. The DA Sea also fished this area and released 12 White Marlin and 1 Sailfish. The Bar South fished the Washington and released 10 White Marlin.

September 10, 2016

Posted 8 years ago

It was another busy day for the charter fleet as they had a great fishing day!  The Poorman’s Canyon seems to still be the hotspot for marlin and dolphin with the following boats fishing there today.  The “C-Boys caught 17 dolphin and released 5 white marlin,  “Blood Money” released 3 white marlin,  “White Lightning” caught 25 dolphin,  “Pumpin Hard” had a great day as well releasing 5 white marlin and the “Marli” released 6 white marlin!  Over the past couple days we had also seen some the guys picking up some nice class of yellowfin tuna in the 50-60lb range so hopefully we get as last run of these bad boys before season end!

With the wind picking up throughout the afternoon the guys had a rough ride in so hopefully it lays out enough tomorrow for them to get back out on the action!