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June 1, 2016

Posted 7 years ago

With the first holiday of the season over and the warmer days of summer upon us, we here at Sunset Marina are excited to see what the 2016 season has to bring!  Yellowfin Tuna fishing started off great, along with nice gaffer dolphin starting to trickle in as well.  Over the weekend we had the first White and Blue Marlin release out of Ocean City along with the successful tuna fishing.  Over the past couple days the tuna fishing has slowed with boats not limiting out but still returning with a good haul.  This was the case for the crew of the “Marli” who returned from the Washington with 5 yellowfin in the  35-40lb range, 5 nice gaffer dolphin and went 2/3 on white marlin!  Now is the time to book a charter because there is a lot of fish and not to many boats fishing.  This enhances your opportunity to fight the fish and not the crowds, so make sure you call the marina office today at 410-213-9600 to book with one of our many charters or you can book through our website www.ocsunsetmarina.com.  Tight Lines!

May 29, 2016

Posted 7 years ago

The holiday weekend is wrapping up and as it has been for the past couple days the Norfolk Canyon was the hot spot.  The fish seemed to be scattered out but we still had some nice reports back at the dock.  “Reel Fantasy” caught 11 yellowfin, 11 dolphin and 1 mako, “Osprey” brought back 9 yellowfin and 4 dolphin, “Buckshot” brought in 12 yellowfin and 4 gaffer dolphin, “My Cin” caught 3 yellowfin, 4 dolphin and a mako.  “Marli” had 5 dolphin and 2 yellowfin, “C-Boys” had a mix of a white marlin release, 3 yellowfin and 3 dolphin.  “Boss Hogg” was able to catch 6 nice yellowfin and 5 dolphin.  With this front coming in today it looks like the next couple days might be a wash out but the charters will hit it hard when the weather breaks!

May 28, 2016

Posted 7 years ago

Another beautiful day here at the marina,  people were buzzing around and fishing continues to be hot!  The action is still is down in the Norfolk with the “Max Bet” returned with 13 yellowfin and released a mako.  “Marli” continued their roll with 21 yellowfin and 1 mako.  With the first White Marlin of the season being caught yesterday, the crew of the “Boss Hogg” followed that up with the first Blue Marlin release!  They estimated the fish to be at 700lbs and they were able to grab some great action shots of it jumping out of the water.  They also boated 12 yellowfin to round out their day!  It looks like tomorrow will be another busy day so if you are in the area make sure you stop by the docks to see these amazing catches!

May 27, 2016

Posted 7 years ago

Another exciting day here at the marina as we kick off this Memorial Day weekend!  The “Boss Hogg” returned with a box full, catching 17 yellowfin while releasing another 20.  They also released a mako and saw a blue marlin fishing in the Norfolk.  “Reel Chaos” had a great day coming back from the Norfolk with 21 yellowfin and 7 nice gaffer dolphin.  In other exciting news, the “In the Black” caught the first White Marlin today!  He was also fishing in the Norfolk when the whitey came up on his green machine and they successfully hooked and released the fish.  They also had several tuna and a nice mako to bring back so congrats to the crew for a great day!  It is gearing up to be a great Holiday weekend with lots of activity so make sure you stop by the Marina to see some of the action or call the marina office at 410-213-9600 to book your next charter trip!

May 26, 2016

Posted 7 years ago

The Norfolk was the hot spot again with a couple boats limiting out early.  The “Marli” ventured back down to the canyon and brought back 24 yellowfin, 1 Bigeye (80lbs) and 1 dolphin.   The crew of the “G-Force” hopped in on the action and were rewarded with 24 yellowfin in the box.  We saw some nice class of fish today with the majority  in the 30-35lb range.  It looks like we are going to have a lot of boats knock the dust off and head out to the deep tomorrow so we should have a great report tomorrow night, stay tuned!

May 25, 2016

Posted 7 years ago

Just to start off, we here at Sunset Marina would like to let everyone know we are anticipating a great 2016 season!  We will be jammed packed with beautiful boats and the marina will be rocking, as we have to thank our amazing customers for that!  With that said, we go into the Memorial Day weekend with some nice weather finally after a rainy and dreary spring.  Along with this beautiful weather it looks like fishing will heat up as well.  Returning to the docks around 2pm was the crew of the “Marli” with 24 yellowfin in the box.  Capt Mark reported a nice piece of water down in the Norfolk with the bite hitting off right with lines in around 8am.  They had their limit before 10am so decided to return home for a late lunch!  Right behind them was the “Boss Hogg” also having a great day down in the Norfolk returning with 20 yellowfin!  The piece of water should be making its way closer to Ocean City so this weekend it’s time to knock the dust off the rods and go fishing!  We have plenty of great charter boats available as they can be viewed on our website or you can call the marina office at 410-213-9600 to book while the tuna bite is on!


Posted 7 years ago

When is the last time we had weather cooperate this late into November?  On 11/25,  Tom Over with “Over Billin” took a couple of friends out to a good piece of 72 degree water in the Baltimore and they were rewarded!  The crew managed to hook up and catch 5 yellowfins and 10 dolphin to add to their Thanksgiving platter!  It looks like a couple of boats are contemplating on whether or not to run out and hop on the action so there might be  some more fish hitting the docks tomorrow evening!

October 23, 2015

Posted 7 years ago

As fall continues to progress I think it is safe to say that the offshore fishing is done for the 2015 season.  The past couple of weeks we have seen some valiant fishermen try and get one last trip in before the transition to hunting.  They have had some luck still picking at the tuna and dolphin along with a couple of wahoo here and there.  The report from yesterday was that the fish were far south now past the Norfolk.  The “Grande Pez” ventured 109 miles and still had a successful day returning with 3 yellowfin, 32 dolphin and a wahoo.  I think it is safe to say this will be the last offshore report until the spring.

This season has been as good as it has been in awhile.  We saw a nice class of yellowfin, a tremendous bigeye bite both during the day and night, along with dolphin being plentiful on a day to day basis to make this a charter season to remember.  The white marlin bite stayed consistent through August into September but never really hit its peak, but overall fishing was good.  What is moral of the story?  The 2015 fishing season was fantastic!  Hopefully the 2016 season will be just as great as this year!

We are hearing reports that the rockfish are starting to appear up in Northern New Jersey so it wont be long until they are off the beaches of Ocean City!  Stay tuned as we will have some pictures this winter of peoples catches!

September 29, 2015

Posted 7 years ago

Looking at the past reports it has been 9 days since any of our boats have been able to even think about running offshore to see if the Yellowfin’s were still around, but it looks like they are!  “Marli” with Capt. Mark Hoos ran down to the Washington and had a great day returning with 18 in the box along 10 dolphin!  Mark reported that the tuna fish were snapping with plenty of mahi to be had around the balls.  “Bar South” also returned from the Washington with 6 yellowfin, with both boats having some nice 60-70lb class fish on board!  With this storm coming up the coast it looks like Wednesday is the only fishable day for another week but both guys don’t see the fish going anywhere!

With the weather hit and miss this time of year it is time to book now so call the marina office today at 410-213-9600 to get on the action of the late tuna run before its all over!

September 20, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

Wow what a difference a day makes!  After having a crazy busy weekend on the docks with close to 80 boats fishing out of here both Friday and Saturday, today the winds came and we had only one boat brave the seas!  The “Marli” went out to the Washington today and had a great day catching 14 yellowfin tuna and also released a white marlin!  We also want to thank the Cape May boats for visiting us for another successful Challenge Cup and Congrats on the Win!!  Next year is Ocean City’s year!!  With the winds expected to continue for the next few days we expect it to be quiet on the docks.  Now is the best time to book your next trip as our captains have a few days off to work on their books!  Call the marina office to inquire about booking any of our charter boats at 410-213-9600!

September 17, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

It was a busy day around the marina as we had a number of boats come down from Cape May who are fishing this weekend’s Challenge Cup!  The tournament is the Cape May Marlin Club vs. The Ocean City Marlin Club so come on team OC!  The boats are taking advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend and the report we got today was not to shabby.  Coming back from a overnight trip in the Washington was the “Espadon” who released 2 white marlin, 2 blue marlin and caught 2 yellowfin and 12 dolphin!  We had a strange sighting on the dock as the “No Quarter” wacked some yellowfin’s in the Baltimore bringing home 20 in the box and over 800lbs of meat!  Hopefully they stick around and our charters can have success on the late run of tuna!  “FinRazr” had a good day in the Washington was well catching 9 dolphin.  There is still plenty of good fishing to be had with not many boats going out so call the marina office today at 410-213-9600 to book your trip!

September 11, 2015

Posted 8 years ago

It looks like the weather is going to kick up the next couple of days so we had a couple boats venture out and return with some great days!  “Espadon” released 2 white marlin and caught 5 dolphin in the Baltimore,  “Marli” got into a good school of dolphin returning with 40 in the box while fishing in the Baltimore.  “My Cin” released 1 white marlin and caught a bunch of dolphin in the Poormans.