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SUNSET MARINA Daily Catch 2023 #1

Well today was a great end to an otherwise wash of a holiday weekend!  Even though the holiday weekend started out windy and slow, it ended on a high note today!  The winds finally subsided enough today allowing some of the fleet to head out to see what they could find!   The desitnation of choice for many of those venturing out today was the Baltimore Canyon.   First back to the dock heading home with a whopping 7 big eye tuna in the box was the crew of the “Primary Search.”  Next we had the boys on the “Fish On” return with 18 yellowfin followed by the crew of the Shotskie returning with 13 yellowfins and a dolphin.  The guys on the “Reel Tight” came home with 14 yellowfin in the box followed by the crew on the “Full Service” with a limit of yellowfin tuna.  The crew of the “Marli” returned with a 216 lb bluefin tuna followed by the “Reel Chaos” crew pulling into the dock with 10 yellowfins in the box.  Lastly was the crew of the “Killin Time” returned with 6 yellowfin followed by the “Kilo Charlie” returning with 18 yellowfin!  The fish have arrived!!

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