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May 30, 2020

Posted 13 hours ago

The summer of 2020 has officially begun! Although the season started off a bit slow with bad weather and little fish in the area, it has certainly begun to pick up within the last few days. With good weather and fair seas a few of our boats ventured out to see if they could find any yellowfin. Today the action took place in the Baltimore Canyon, with all of our boats reporting their catch from there. Returning back to the dock first today was the ‘Zipper’ catching 10 yellowfin, followed by the ‘Whiskey Kilo’ catching 9 yellowfin, the ‘C-Boys’ catching 8 yellowfin and 1 dolphin, the ‘Fish On’ catching 5 yellowfin, and lastly the ‘Marli’ catching 13 yellowfin. Let’s hope the fishing keeps up!

Covid-19 and Marina

Posted 1 week ago

Here we have Brian Tinkler, General Manager of Sunset Marina, addressing the Pandemic and the steps being taken for the safety of our customers. Stay safe and tight lines!

Spring Commissioning

Posted 3 months ago

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Boat Show Weekend Sale

Posted 4 months ago

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Posted 6 months ago

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October 19, 2019

Posted 7 months ago

It was quite an eventful day at the marina with people out and about enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  There was a lot of activity across the harbor with the return of Harbor Day and also at the restaurant people were out enjoying a cocktails and food dockside.  We did have some boats venture offshore today to see what they could find and they were not disappointed.  The ‘Marli’ was the first back returning from the Poorman’s with 42 dolphin.  Fishing alongside them was the ‘Primary Search’ who caught 2 wahoo, a dolphin, a yellowfin, and also a swordfish.  The ‘Fish On’ went to the Wilmington today and caught 8 dolphin and 1 swordfish.  Finally the ‘Effie Mae’ crew fished in the Washington Canyon today and returned with 30 dolphin and 1 big eye tuna.  Not a bad day for October!!

October 2, 2019

Posted 8 months ago

It was a pretty quite day around the marina today, as only a few boats ventured out in search of some fish. The ‘Osprey’ returned to the dock first with 1 white marlin release and 30 dolphin in the Poormans Canyon. While the ‘Marli’ ventured out to the Rockpile catching 60 dolphin and releasing 1 blue marlin.

October 1, 2019

Posted 8 months ago

We had a few boats head out today trying to sneak in another fishing day while the forecast seemed promising.  First back was the crew of the ‘Osprey’ venturing to the Baltimore and returning with 16 dolphin, one yellowfin, and a white release.  Next we had the ‘Marli’ return with their limit of dolphin and two yellowfins.  Our next few boats chose to fish in the Poormans today.  The ‘Fish On’ returned with 6 dolphin and three white releases and the ‘Buckshot’ had four white releases.  We also saw a lot of private boats returning with some nice swordfish catches.  All in all not a bad way to ring in the month of October!

September 29, 2019

Posted 8 months ago

The fish are still biting! A few boats ventured out today in search of the bite that’s still being reported. Heading to the Baltimore Canyon today was the ‘Tighten Up’ returning with 5 white releases, the ‘First Light’ catching 1 yellowfin and releasing 1 white marlin, the ‘Boss Hogg’ returning with 1 wahoo, 1 yellowfin, and 60 dolphin, the ‘Buckshot’ releasing an impressive 6 white marlin, and lastly the ‘D.A. Sea’ releasing 3 white marlin. Venturing out to the Poorman’s Canyon was the ‘Osprey’ catching 29 dolphin, 1 yellowfin, and 2 white marlin releases. Heading out to the Wilmington Canyon was the ‘Fish On’ returning with 2 nice swordfish and 4 dolphin.

September 28, 2019

Posted 8 months ago

Quite a few boats fished out of Sunset today with near perfect conditions on and offshore. Heading to the Washington Canyon today was the ‘Marli’  returning to the dock with 45 dolphin, 1 yellowfin, and 1 released swordfish and white marlin, the ‘Pumpin Hard’ catching 4 dolphin and 1 swordfish, and the ‘Boss Hogg’ catching 60 dolphin. Venturing to the Baltimore Canyon today was the ‘Zipper’ releasing 4 white marlin, the ‘Buckshot’ releasing 5 white marlin, the ‘C Boys’ catching 2 dolphin and releasing 5 white marlin, and lastly the ‘Grande Pez’ catching 1 yellowfin, 2 dolphin, and releasing 1 white marlin.

September 25, 2019

Posted 8 months ago

We had a number of boats head out on this beautiful September day and return with great success!  The “Marli” was the first to return from the Baltimore Canyon with their box full, catching 40 mahi, 1 yellowfin, and also 2 whites (one released and one harvested).  Fishing alongside them was the “Pumpin Hard” catching 9 dolphin, 1 yellowfin, and releasing 3 white marlin.  The crew of the “Cabana” fished in the Washington and returned with  1 big eye, 2 yellowfin, 1 swordfish, and 30 dolphin.  Returning from the Wilmington was the “Half full” with 4 white releases and 25 dolphin as well as the “Brenda Lou” who released 2 white marlin.  Finally we had the crew of the “DA Sea” with 4 yellowfin and a whopping 14 white marlin releases.  The bite is really heating up and many of the fleet look to be taking advantage of it tomorrow so stay tuned!

September 22, 2019

Posted 8 months ago

With sunny skies and beautiful weather in Ocean City today a good amount of boats fished out of the marina today. Venturing to the Rockpile today was the ‘Cabana’ who returned to the dock with 8 dolphin, 1 yellowfin tuna, and 1 white marlin release, the ‘Marli’ catching 60 dolphin, 4 yellowfin, and 1 blue release, the ‘Brenda Lou’ catching 1 wahoo and releasing 2 white marlin, and the ‘Grande Pez’ catching 1 yellowfin and 10 dolphin. Heading to the Poorman’s Canyon was the ‘Pumpin Hard’ catching 20 dolphin, the ‘Griffin’ catching 9 dolphin and re;easing 5 white marlin, and the ‘Southern C’s’ releasing 2 white marlin. Going out to the Wilmington Canyon today was the ‘Sea Hag’ catching 7 dolphin, the ‘Reel Chaos’ catching 1 yellowfin, 10 dolphin, and releasing 2 white marlin, the ‘Primary Search’ catching 5 dolphin and releasing 1 white marlin, and lastly the ‘D.A. Sea’ returning with 3 white marlin releases. Venturing out to the Hot Dog alone today was the ‘Magic Moment’ who returned with an impressive 8 dolphin and 6 wahoo!