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September 6, 2023

It was another day of the amazing September fishing here at the marina.  All of the fleet headed out looking for the billfish bite once again.  They all went to the Baltimore Canyon today.  The “Marli” returned with 2 white releases.  Next we had the “C-boys” return with 2 whites and a blue release.  The crew of the “Boss Hogg” had 7 white releases as did the crew of the “Reel Joy.”  The guys on the “Top Dog” had 1 white release and a blue marlin release.  “Dem boys” had 3 sail releases, 2 whites, and 2 blue releases.  The team on the “Cabana” had 3 white releases and finally the “Lucky Duck” had 5 white releases and 2 blue releases.  Looks like another beautiful day offshore tomorrow and more boats are going to head out and take advantage of the weather and the fishing!

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