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September 6, 2018

The kids may be back in school, but that’s not stopping the marlin bite off of our coast! In the Poor Mans was the ‘Reel Chaos’ (Released 2 Whites), ‘C-Boys’ (1 White Release and 15 Dolphin), ‘Pumpin Hard’ (4 White releases), and ‘Buckshot’ (5 White Releases and 1 Sailfish) fished the Poor Mans. The ‘Marli’ fished the Rockpile- returning with 1 Sailfish release and 1 White release. Between the Poormans and the Rockpile was the ‘Boss Hogg’- who released 5 whites and brought back 25 dolphin. The ‘Blood Money’ returned this morning from an overnighter in the Hudson Canyons, flying 15 White Marlin release flags and a Blue release, which he said had quite some size to it. The White releases, while slacked off, are holding steady and with the introduction of a couple sails into the mix the crews are quite pleased with the turnout. A good chunk of the fleet expects to fish tomorrow before rough seas are expected to hit on Saturday.

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