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September 5, 2018

The fishing action continues to be hot here, seemingly to mirror these extreme temperatures we have been experiencing.  The first back to the dock was the ‘Osprey’ returning from the Wilmington with 3 white releases and 2 blue marlin releases.  The crew of the ‘Marli’ released 3 whites in the Poor Man’s.  Fishing alongside the ‘Marli’ was the crew of the ‘Boss Hogg’ who caught 23 tilefish, 12 sea bass, 14 dolphin while also releasing 6 white marlin and one sailfish.  The last boat to fish the Poor Man’s today was the ‘Buckshot’ who released 9 white marlin.  Finally the crew of the ‘No Quarter’ returned from the Norfolk today releasing 5 white marlin and catching 1 yellowfin tuna.  Several of our boats are staying out overnight so stay tuned tomorrow for their reports of the overnight fishing action!!!

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