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September 4, 2022

Another great September day down at the docks.  Lots of activity as people were enjoying the last hoorah of the summer season.  We had lots of boats head out there today in search of that classic September billfish bite and the fish did not let them down!  All of our boats went to the Wilmington Canyon today.  First back was the Marli with a white release.  Next we had the Boss Hogg with 2 white releases.  The crew of the Sea Hag had a white and a blue release.  The team on the Par Five went out overnight returning with 5 whites and a blue release.  The guys on the Cabana returned with 3 swordfish in the box.  The Buckshot had 5 white releases and the Reel Chaos had 4 white releases.  Capt Frank on the Brenda Lou had 2 white releases while the Blood Money had 2 white releases and a blue marlin release.  Roll Groove returned with 2 white releases as did the team on the Tighten Up.  Gotta love that September Fishing!

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