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September 20, 2023

Today proved that when weather permits the September fishing just can’t be beat.  We had several boats head offshore today looking for the marlin bite and they were rewarded handsomely.  Most of the boats went to the Norfolk canyon today.  First we had the “Osprey” return with 4 white releases and some dolphin.  The crew of the “Marli” caught a nice bunch of tilefish.  Next we had the crew of the “Keep Dreaming”  return on their new boat with 8 white releases.  The crew of the “Boss Hogg” returned shortly after with 1 yellowfin, some dolphin, and 2 white releases.  The guys on the “Seven” had 4 white releases while the “Christine Marie” had 4 white releases and 1 blue marlin release.  The “Pumpin Hard” had 3 white and some dolphin and finally was the crew of the “Billfisher” returning with 7 white releases and a blue marlin release.  Many are going to venture out again tomorrow before the weather turns for the weekend so we will keep you posted on how they make out!

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