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September 17, 2018

It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of our boats venture out to the deep because of Hurricane Florence, but now that she’s no longer a threat several captains fished today in hopes the white marlin were still there. Well by the looks of it, they are!! The Baltimore and Poormans Canyon seemed to be the two hot spots today. Venturing to the Baltimore Canyon today was the ‘Osprey’ releasing 3 white marlin, the ‘Marli’ catching 100 dolphin and releasing 5 white marlin, the ‘Reel Joy’ catching 5 dolphin and releasing 1 blue marlin, and lastly the ‘Reel Chaos’ catching 20 dolphin and releasing 1 white marlin. Fishing in the Poormans Canyon today was the ‘Double J’ catching 23 dolphin and releasing 2 white marlin, the ‘Cabana’ releasing 5 white marlin, the ‘Fish On’ catching 50 dolphin and releasing 3 white marlin, the ‘No Quarter’ catching 7 dolphin and releasing 8 white marlin, and finally the ‘Buckshot’ releasing an impressive 13 white marlin.

It looks like the weather may affect the fishing again for a few days, but be sure to check back in toward the end of the week to keep up with all the action!

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