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September 13th, 2016

If you haven’t considered fishing this week, you may want to change your plans! White Marlin  fishing took off today- with amazing numbers of releases reported on the docks.

In the Rockpile, the Marli released 8 White Marlin and returned with 19 Dolphin and 1 Wahoo. The Buckshot also fished the Rockpile and released 3 White Marlin and brought 8 Dolphin back. The G-Force released 6 White Marlin, reporting to be “everywhere”. In the Poor Mans, the Osprey released 4 White Marlin and returned with 1 Yellowfin, and the Reel Joy released 8 Whites. The Washington also proved bountiful for White Marlin, with the Marli releasing 8, First Light releasing 11, DA Sea releasing 10, Tighten Up releasing 5, and the Poor Sport releasing 12 White Marlin.

The most bountiful of them all seemed to be the Norfolk fisherman, where the Reel Chaos released a whopping 18 White Marlin and the Billfisher crew releasing 12 Whites and 1 Blue.

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