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September 10, 2020

It was another strange weather day with a mix of rain and sunshine but it didn’t stop the boats from heading offshore once again.  The first boat back to the dock was the crew on the ‘Osprey’ returning from the Massey’s with 3 dolphin and 1 tuna. Then we had the crew of the ‘Marli’ return from the Rockpile with 7 dolphin and 2 white releases. The rest of the fleet went to the Washington for the billfish bite and were not disappointed.  The ‘Boss Hogg’ returned with 4 white releases and a tuna.  The ‘Cabana’ returned with 2 white releases and the ‘DA Sea’ had 2 white releases.  The ‘Roll Groove’ Returned with 4 white releases.    Finally we had the ‘Blood Money’ return with 7 white releases in the Norfolk.  We had a few more boats return with successful days but too late to make it to the report this evening.  Looks like a few more are heading out again tomorrow for one last trip before the weather turns bad over the weekend.

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