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September 1, 2016

The first day of September started off gloomy and rainy but ended with sunny skies as many of our boats returned to the dock with flags flying.  The “Boss Hogg” fished in the Washington today and caught 3 yellowfin and released 2 White Marlin.  Fishing in the Washington with them was the “No Quarter” who returned with 10 yellowfin releases, 10 yellowfin in the box and 1 white Marlin release.  The rest of the fleet was fishing in the Baltimore today.  The “Reel Chaos” had 2 white releases while the “Buckshot” and the “Blood Money” each had 12 White releases.  The “Miss Annie” had both a Blue and a White release and the “Grande Pez” also had a Blue release along with 4 White releases.  Finally the “Billfisher” had 9 White Marlin releases.  We also would like to note that yesterday the crew of the “My Cin” had a great day fishing in the Baltimore returning with 7 White Marlin releases, 1 yellowfin, and 5 dolphin.

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