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October 5, 2017

It felt like we said goodbye to fall and hello to summer today with the high temperatures and activity around the marina!  The ‘Osprey’ was our first boat back to the dock returning from their overnight trip in the Washington.  They had their ice box full with 40 dolphin, 6 golden tile fish, 2 triggerfish, and one swordfish.  Also fishing in the Washington was the ‘Marli’ who brought home 25 dolphin and 10 golden tiles.  Fishing in the Poorman’s was the ‘Espadon’ who released a white marlin.  The crew of the ‘Boss Hogg’  also chose to fish in the Poorman’s and didn’t disappoint, returning with 36 dolphin and a triggerfish.  Temperatures are supposed to remain in the high 70’s and the seas calm throughout the weekend so hopefully this mini-summer activity will continue!!

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