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October 23, 2015

As fall continues to progress I think it is safe to say that the offshore fishing is done for the 2015 season.  The past couple of weeks we have seen some valiant fishermen try and get one last trip in before the transition to hunting.  They have had some luck still picking at the tuna and dolphin along with a couple of wahoo here and there.  The report from yesterday was that the fish were far south now past the Norfolk.  The “Grande Pez” ventured 109 miles and still had a successful day returning with 3 yellowfin, 32 dolphin and a wahoo.  I think it is safe to say this will be the last offshore report until the spring.

This season has been as good as it has been in awhile.  We saw a nice class of yellowfin, a tremendous bigeye bite both during the day and night, along with dolphin being plentiful on a day to day basis to make this a charter season to remember.  The white marlin bite stayed consistent through August into September but never really hit its peak, but overall fishing was good.  What is moral of the story?  The 2015 fishing season was fantastic!  Hopefully the 2016 season will be just as great as this year!

We are hearing reports that the rockfish are starting to appear up in Northern New Jersey so it wont be long until they are off the beaches of Ocean City!  Stay tuned as we will have some pictures this winter of peoples catches!

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