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June 8, 2020

The fleet went at it again today taking advantage of this gorgeous June weather!  The Baltimore Canyon was where many of them fished today.  The crew of the ‘Cabana’ returned with 2 white releases outside of the Baltimore canyon.  The ‘Osprey’ had 3 yellowfin and the ‘C-boys had 1 Big Eye tuna and a dolphin.  The ‘Reel Chaos’ had 2 yellowfin and a dolphin and the ‘Grande Pez’ caught 3 dolphin.  The ‘Boss Hogg’ was the last boat to fish the Baltimore and had a fantastic day returning with a 400 lb blue marlin while also releasing 8 bluefin tuna.  The Poorman’s was the other fishing grounds of choice today.  The ‘Special Situation’ returned with 5 dolphin while the ‘Buckshot’ returned with 2 yellowfin and a white release.  Finally we had the ‘Roll Groove’ who caught a 167 lb big eye tuna, 1 yellowfin tuna, 4 dolphin, and a white release.  The month of June just keeps getting better!

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