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June 7th, 2019

The Big eye bite was the big news at the docks today.  Many of our boats ventured out today and returned very happy fisherman with their boxes full!  The first hot spot of the day where the fish were biting was the Baltimore Canyon.  The crew of the “Southern C’s” was the first ones back to the dock with 3 Big eye tuna, 5 dolphin, and 4 yellowfin.   Next was the “Osprey” who had 6 nice big eye tuna.  The crew of the “Double J” returned with 6 dolphin, while the crew of the “Marli” had 1 big eye tuna and 5 dolphin.  The “Reel Chaos” had 2 big eye tuna and 6 dolphin and then the “Seament” who caught 3 makos, and 3 mahi tuna.  The last boat to return from the Baltimore Canyon was the “Brenda Lou” who returned with 5 dolphin and 5 throwback yellowfin.  The rest of the fleet fished in the Poorman’s Canyon today.  The crew of the “Lucky Duck” had a whopping 8 big eye tuna, and behind them we had the “Reel Toy” who caught 5 big eyes.  The crew of the “Buckshot” caught 9 dolphin and the “Boss Hogg” released a white marlin, caught 1 yellowfin and released 7 yellowfin tuna.   Finally the “Roll Groove” caught 3 bige eyes and 8 mahi.

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