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June 30, 2023

Well we closed out the month of June on a high note today!  Several boats went out today making it for an exciting day down at the docks!  The majority of boats headed to the Washington Canyon today and came home with some nice catches.  The crew on the “Double J” returned with 2 yellowfin.  The “Lucky Duck” had 2 yellowfin, 4 big eye tuna, and also released a white marlin.  The “Cabana” had 5 yellowfin and 25 tile fish.  The “Marli” had 2 yellowfin and 20 tile fish, while the had “Buckshot” had 2 yellowfin and a white release.  The “Max Bet” had 4 yellowfin while the “Absolute Pleasure” had 6 yellowfin and 20 tile fish.  The crew of the “Fish On” had 1 yellowfin, the “Reel Desire” had 15 tile fish and finally the “Primary Search” had 39 tile fish.  The crew of the “Bar South” had 2 big eyes and 2 yellowfin.  Our last two boats went to the Rockpile today.  The “Mackenzie Ray” had 1 yellowfin and the “Moore Bills” had 3 yellowfin and a blue marlin release.  It looks like we will have some boats heading out again tomorrow as the second day of the 41st annual Marlin Club Canyon kickoff continues!

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