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June 29, 2019

The temperatures were hot today and so was the fishing! It was a party in the Poormans Canyon today with several boats venturing out after reports of a good yellowfin bite. Returning back to the dock first from the Poorman’s was the ‘Zipper’ catching 2 yellowfin and 1 mako release,followed by the ‘D.A. Sea’ catching 8 yellowfin and 3 dolphin, the ‘Marli’ catching 9 yellowfin, the ‘C Boys’ catching 2 yellowfin and releasing 1 white marlin, the ‘Theresa Jean’ catching 8 yellowfin and releasing 1 white marlin, the ‘Roncito’ catching 6 yellowfin and 1 dolphin, the lastly ‘Boss Hogg’ catching 4 yellowfin and 1 dolphin. Heading to the Washington Canyon by themselves was the ‘Fish On’ catching 9 yellowfin, 2 dolphin, and 1 mako release. Heading to the Massey’s Canyon for a bluefin bite was the ‘Debra Lynn’ and they were successful returning with a 100 lb. bluefin. Heading North to the Spencer Canyon was the ‘Blood Money’ which resulted in a fantastic day for the crew, as they returned home with 5 yellowfin, 3 bigeye tuna, 1 white marlin release, and 1 blue marlin release.

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