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June 25, 2023

It was another beautiful and exciting day down on the docks.  The marina is still packed with both transient and sportfish vessels.  The fish were biting today and the fleet was enjoying the action!  First back to the dock returning from an overnight trip in the Poorman’s  with 17 yellowfin was the crew of the “Instigator.”  Fishing in the Poorman’s as well was the “Grande Pez” returning with 2 yellowfin.  The following boats chose to head to the Baltimore Canyon today.  “Osprey” returned with 5 yellowfin.  The “Boss Hogg” returned with 3 yellowfin and 1 dolphin and finally the “Primary Search” had 2 yellowfin.  The rest of the fleet was fishing out of the Washington Canyon today.  The crew of the “Cabana” returned with 4 yellowfin, while the “Marli” had 3 yellowfin.  The team on the “Bar South” filled the icebox with 9 yellowfin tuna and the crew of the “Knot Again” had 5 yellowfin.  The “Reel Chaos” threw 3 yellowfin on the dock while the “Three J’s” had 6 yellowfin.  Finally we had the boys on the “Moore Bills” return with 5 yellowfin.  Hopefully tomorrow the action continues!

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