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June 20, 2023

What an amazing day offshore for a Tuesday afternoon and it was all about the tunas today!   The boats that ventured out there today were fishing between the Wilmington Canyon and the Baltimore Canyon.  What they found was a healthy mix between the yellowfin and the big eye bite!   The guys on the “Boss Hogg” returned with 6 big eyes, 13 yellowfin, and 2 mahi in the box.  The team on the “Osprey” returned with 3 big eye tuna, and 7 yellowfin tuna.  Finally we had the crew of the “Fish On” return with 6 big eye tuna.  Unfortunately it looks like the weather forecast will be keeping them at the docks for a bit which only means they are more accessible for you to reach out to them about booking your next fishing adventure!  Give us a call at 410-213-9600 so we can put you in contact with the Captains directly!!!

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