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June 19, 2024

It was a hot and humid day out there today, but that did not stop our fleet from heading out to see what they could find.  Today the fishing grounds of choice seemed to be the Washington Canyon.  The crew of the “Marli” returned with a yellowfin and 30 tilefish.  The guys on the “Knot Again” had  a yellowfin.  The crew on the “Grande Pez” had their ice chest full with 13 yellowfin.  Our only boat today that went to the Wilmington Canyon was the team on the “Christine Marie” who were 3 for 5 on the White Marlin releases and they also caught 4 yellowfin.  Looks like tomorrow we will have a decent amount of boats fishing again.  Make sure to check back and we will keep you posted on how they make out!

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