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June 10th, 2018

Foul weather wasn’t enough to keep the fleet at the docks today after such an amazing bite from earlier in the week. These trips certainly paid off, with all boats returning to the dock with large amounts of tunas. The ‘Rhondas Osprey’ fished the Hambone, and returned with 3 Bluefin. Fishing the Hot Dog was the Cabana, with 3 Yellowfins and 1 Bluefin, and the Blood Money with 10 Yellowfins and 2 Longfins. In the Wilmington was the ‘Marli’, with 6 Yellowfins, 2 Bluefin, and 1 Dolphin, and the ‘Boss Hogg’ with 12 Yellowfins and 1 Bluefin.

Tomorrow’s forecast looks quite rough in the canyons, but we look forward to better weather later in the week where hopefully out anglers can find the tuna’s once more.

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