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July 7th, 2020

Not a very busy fishing day at the marina but we did have a few boats head out.  The ‘Osprey’ returned early in the day from the Massey’s canyon with 8 yellowfin and 5 bluefish.  Next we had the ‘Fish On’ return from the Hot dog with a white release.  The ‘Boss Hogg’ chose to go to the Baltimore Canyon and had 2 yellowfin in the box.  Finally the last boat we had was ‘The Big Stick’ who returned from the Poor man’s with 8 yellowfin and 9 dolphin.  Most of the other crew’s seemed to be taking advantage of the day to do some maintenance and prep work getting ready for their next trip.  Just a reminder registration for the 33rd Annual Ocean City Tuna tournament will be held at the Ocean City Fishing Center this Thursday.  For more information please visit http://www.octunatournament.com!

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