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July 6, 2020

Things were a little more quiet on the docks today as everyone was winding down from the holiday weekend.  We did have some boats head out today in a variety of different areas.  The ‘Osprey’ crew returned early in the afternoon from the Massey’s Canyon with 4 yellowfin and 15 bluefish.  The next few boats went to the Baltimore Canyon today.  The ‘Fish On’ returned with 5 yellowfin, next we had the ‘Boss Hogg’ with 4 yellowfin, and finally we had the ‘Lucky Duck’ with 4 yellowfin, 4 white releases and a dolphin.  The ‘No Quarter’ reported from the 20 fathom line and returned with 3 yellowfin.  Finally we had the crew of the ‘Pumpin Hard’ who went on an overnight trip in the Wilmington Canyon and they returned with 11 yellowfin, 1 Big Eye, and 1 white release.  It was a hot one today but it looks like some storms are rolling in to cool things down!

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