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July 5,2018

HOT! HOT! HOT! Although this is an accurate way to describe the weather right now, it could also be said for the fishing out of Sunset Marina! We had a “boat” load of people fishing today, all bringing back an overabundance of fish! The Washington Canyon seemed to be the hot spot of the day for many of our boats including the Cabana (2 white releases, 1 blue release, 5 yellowfin, and 1 dolphin), No Quarter (1 white release, 1 Bigeye tuna, 2 yellowfins, and 1 dolphin), C-Boys (3 white releases and 10 dolphin), Brenda Lou (2 white releases and 12 dolphin), Poore Sport (3 white releases and 5 dolphin) and finally the Tighten up with an incredible day (white releases and 6 dolphin)!! Fishing the Baltimore Canyon today and back first to the docks was the Osprey with an extremely impressive catch of 4 Bigeye tuna (111 lbs, 109 lbs, 100 lbs, and 98 lbs) with almost all weighing over 100 lbs!! Venturing alone to the Poor Man’s Canyon was the Marli, catching 1 yellowfin, 2 dolphin, and also releasing a bluefin weighing over 400 lbs and measured 89 inches long, which is extremely impressive!! Lastly, the Buckshot ventured to the Norfolk Canyon today and had 1 white marlin release.

The white marlin bite is slowly, but surely picking up so be sure to come down and check out all the action happening down here on the docks!!

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