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July 5, 2024

The marina was a much different scene than yesterday.  We did not see nearly the same amount of activity as yesterday with the exception of the pools.  We did have a few boats head to the Poormans Canyon today.  The guys on the “Marli” returned with a yellowfin and the crew on the “Reel Chaos” had 1 large big eye and 2 dolphin.  The crew on the “Fish On” went to the Baltimore Canyon today and released 4 white marlin.  Looks like the weather will be keeping them at the docks for a bit, but don’t forget the 37th annual Ocean City Tuna Tournament is right around the corner.  Be sure to stop by http://www.octunatournament.com for all the latest details and updates.  Those who register on or before July 8th get a $200 gift card to Micky Fins!

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