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July 5, 2015

It was an incredible ending to this holiday weekend, with a lot of action going on and around the docks!  Boats looking for tuna stayed inshore while boats fishing for marlin ventured out in the canyons.  Fishing in the Massey’s were “Osprey” with 2 Bluefin (releasing 9) and one dolphin, “My Cin” with 3 Bluefin, one weighing in at 123lbs and 1 dolphin!  In the Hotdog,  “Zipper” came back with 1 yellowfin, 1 dolphin and 1 white marlin release!  “Boss Hogg” kept his crew on their heels with 2 Bluefin (releasing 4), 6 yellowfin (releasing 10) and 2 dolphin.  The following boats fished in the Wilmington and had some luck, “Poore Sport” released 2 white marlin,  “Grande Pez” released 1 white marlin and had 10 dolphin, “Brenda Lou” also released 2 white marlin an came back with 6 dolphin!  In the Baltimore “Pumpin Hard” had a great day releasing 3 white marlins and capturing 2 Bluefin.  In the Washington,  “Magic Moment”  had a wonderful trip hitting the docks with 18 dolphin, 1 bigeye and 1 white marlin release!

It was wonderful holiday weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone cooking out and having a great time with friends and family!  Now it is time to gear up for the Ocean City Tuna Tournament starting next Friday 7/10-7/12!

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