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July 31, 2019

Things are really starting to build up around here as everyday more and more tournament boats are trickling in.  We did have a few boats head out in search of the bite and they were not disappointed.  Our first set of boats headed to the Poorman’s Canyon.  First back to the dock was the “No Quarter” with 2 white releases.  The “Buckshot” was shortly behind them returning with 2 white releases as well and finally we had the crew of the “C Boys” return with 11 dolphin and 2 white releases.  The “Pumpin Hard”  fished in the Baltimore Canyon today and had a white marlin release.  Fishing with them was the crew of the “Double J” who returned with 3 dolphin.  Many of our boats were steady fueling throughout the day and it looks like many more will be heading out tomorrow to see what they can find!

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