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July 28, 2019

It was an awesome day down on the docks with lots of boats returning with their riggers full of flags!  The Poorman’s Canyon was the popular fishing grounds for today’s boats.  First back to the docks was the “Marli” with 1 white release and a dolphin. The “Fish On” had 8 white releases, the “Zipper” had 1 white release, and the “Rehab” had 2 white releases.  The crew of the “Reel Chaos” returned from an overnight trip with 10 white releases and a blue marlin release.  Also on an overnight trip was the “Whisky Kilo” who caught a blue marlin, a white marlin, released 9 white marlin, and also released a swordfish!  The “Special Situation” returned with 11 white releases, followed by the “Buckshot” with 5 white releases.  The “Three J’s” returned from their overnight trip with 12 white releases and 2 blue marlin releases.  The “Tighten Up” came back with 5 white releases and the “Blood Money” had 7 white releases.  Finally we had the “Roll Groove” return from their overnight trip in the Wilmington Canyon with 7 white releases and 3 blue marlin releases.   We also had a potential new state record dolphin caught by the crew of the “Layin Lines!”  Weighing in at 72.8 lbs!  What a great way to end the weekend and the 6th annual Big Fish Classic tournament!  Be sure to check out the standings at www.bigfishclassic.com!

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