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July 26, 2023

The sun was shining and the fish were biting!  It was a nice steady day at the marina today with many of our crew’s doing maintenance and a good amount of boats that headed out there to see what they could find.  Our only boat the went to the Poorman’s Canyon was the “Intents,” returning with 3 white marlin releases.  The rest of our boats reported to be fishing at the Washington Canyon.  The crew of the “Cabana” had 4 yellowfin and 20 tilefish.  The “Marli” team had 36 mahi and 12 golden tiles.  The “Boss Hogg” returned with 30 mahi, 20 tilefish, and also had a white marlin release.  The guys on the “Getting Serious” had 2 yellowfin and a white release and finally the guys on the “Special Situation” had 3 white releases.  Registration for the 2023 Huk Big Fish Classic starts tomorrow at noon so be sure to have your anglers ready!

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