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July 20, 2021

It looks like the fishing is picking up! Every year it feels like the closer we get to August the better the fishing gets..

Heading out the the Hot Dog today was the ‘Top Dog’ catching 15 yellowfin tuna while also releasing 2 white marlin and the ‘Marli’ catching 14 yellowfin tuna

Venturing to the Poor Mans was the ‘Osprey’ catching 9 yellowfin tuna.

Going to the Washington Canyon was the ‘Fish On’ catching 1 yellowfin tuna while also releasing a white marlin, the ‘C Boys’ catching 6 yellowfin tuna and 3 mahi mahi, the ‘Sea Hag’ catching 1 yellowfin tuna and 5 mahi mahi, and lastly the ‘Buckshot’ catching 5 yellowfin tuna.

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