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July 18, 2020

It was an exciting day at the docks, with 54 boats registered, the energy was running high on this first day of the Kids classic tournament!  We also had a number of boats out fun fishing and they were scattered all around today.  The first group of boats headed to the hot dog and were able to find the fish.  The ‘Boss Hogg’ returned with 11 yellowfin, the ‘Primary Search’ had 5 yellowfin, the ‘Sea Hunt’ had 2 yellowfin, and the ‘No Quarter’ had 2 yellowfin.  The next set of boats headed out to the Norfolk canyon looking for the billfish bite.  Both the ‘Sea Hag’  and ‘DA Sea’ crews had a white marlin release and the ‘Not Again’ had 3 white marlin releases, 1 blue marlin release and a dolphin.  The ‘Tighten Up’ had 2 white releases and a blue release while the ‘Brenda Lou’ had a white release and also 3 mahi.  The ‘Fish On’ went to the Massey’s and had a blue release while the ‘White Lightning’ headed to the Poorman’s and had a yellowfin, a white release and 3 dolphin.  Fishing with them in the Poorman’s was the ‘Grande Pez’ catching 3 mahi, a yellowfin, and 2 white releases.  Finally the crew of the ‘Buckshot’ went to the Washington and caught tile fish and 50 sea bass.  Tomorrow marks the second and final day of the tournament so it should be another fun filled day at the docks!

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