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July 17th, 2020

It was a very busy day down on the docks with a lot of transient boats coming in for the weekend as well as a number of boats fishing offshore.  The ‘Osprey’ were the first to return with 5 yellowfin tuna.  Fishing with them in the Massey’s Canyon was the ‘Marli’ with 7 yellowfin in the box.  The Washington Canyon was the choice for the crew of the ‘Lucky Duck’ returning with 2 mahi and a white marlin release.  The ‘Boss Hogg’ also ventured to the Washington and caught 4 yellowfin.  The ‘Fish On’ and the ‘Pumpin Hard’ both headed to the Poorman’s today.  The ‘Fish On’ had a white release while the ‘Pumpin Hard’ had 6 yellowfin, 1 blue marlin release and 1 swordfish.  The ‘No Quarter’ fished alone in the ‘Rockpile’ today catching 3 yellowfin and a mahi.  The ‘Griffin’ bunch headed out alone to the Norfolk and caught 2 mahi along with 4 white marlin releases.  Finally our last boat fishing by themselves in the Hot Dog today was the ‘Reel Chaos’ returning with 11 yellowfin and a white marlin release.  Our ice chests are nearly empty this evening which means a lot of boats are going to head out again tomorrow.  Registration for the Kids Classic is still going on so it should be a good day at the scales tomorrow, good luck to all our junior anglers!!

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