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July 15, 2021

It was a gorgeous day at the marina with only a minor summer storm that blew out just as quickly as it came in!  We had a lot more activity as well with many more boats out fishing than in the past few days.  The ‘Zipper’ and the ‘Reel Chaos’ both returned with 1 yellowfin each.  The ‘White Lightning’ returned with 6 yellowfin, the ‘Marli’ followed with a matching catch of 6 yellowfin.  The ‘Hadloc’ returned with 4 yellowfin and behind them was the crew of the ‘Reel Toy’ returning with 12 yellowfin in the box.  Finally the ‘Pumpin Hard’ had 1 yellowfin and a blue marlin release.  All of these boats reported out of the Baltimore Canyon today.  Our only boat to fish in the Washington canyon today was the crew of the ‘Tighten up’ returning with 3 yellowfin.  Looks like tomorrow will be another busy day.  Registration for the 17th annual kids classic kicks off tomorrow from 6-8pm so make sure you stop by the club to register and we will see you at the scales!

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