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July 1, 2020

It was a good kick off to the month of July with many boats heading out to the canyons in search of the fish!  It was a mix between the Poorman’s and the Washington canyon today.  The first of our boats returned from the Poorman’s.  The ‘Osprey’ returned first with 2 yellowfin.  The ‘White Lightning’ was next coming back to the dock with 7 yellowfin and a white marlin release.  The ‘Tighten Up’ and ‘Marli’ crews both returned with 6 yellowfin each.  The crew of the ‘Gator’ was the first to return from the Washington with 9 yellowfin and a white release.  Next back to the dock was the ‘Boss Hogg’ with 5 yellowfin, and finally the ‘Blue Eyes’ returned with 4 yellowfin.  Our only boat fishing in the Wilmington Canyon was the ‘Roll Groove’ returning with 2 white marlin releases.   Have you booked your next fishing charter?  Give us a call at 410-213-9600!

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