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Day 1 of the Ocean City Tuna Tournament

Today was Day 1 of the Ocean City Tuna Tournament out of the Ocean City Fishing Center, and we are incredibly happy to support such an amazing tournament! This year payout is an outstanding $785,205 with 88 boats registered! Here at Sunset, where we served as a stringer fish weigh in only, we saw quite a few catches that left the Sunset Grille crowd in awe. The “Goin’ In Deep” was one of those boats, weighing in a 213 lb stringer weight and currently holding third place. We are very eager to see what Day 2 brings!
Heaviest Single Tuna
1ST Myra HT 99 lbs
2ND Top Dog 64 lbs
3RD Wrecker 58 lbs

Heaviest Stringer Weight
1ST Wrecker 267 lbs
2ND Top Dog 219 lbs
3RD Goin In Deep 213 lbs

Heaviest Dolphin
1ST Fish Whistle 22 lbs

Top Lady Angler
1ST Myra HT JL Cropper 99 lbs
2ND Wrecker Megan Humphry 57 lbs
3RD That’s Right JULIA Arfaa 47 lbs

For more information on the tournament, head over to their website, http://www.octunatournament.com/

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