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August 3, 2023

It was a fantastic day at the marina as more and more of our tournament boats continue to arrive.  We had a good number of boats head offshore looking for the fish bite and they were not disappointed!  First back to the dock was the ‘Marli’ returning with 1 yellowfin, 4 mahi, and 21 tilefish.  Fishing in the Poorman’s as well were the crew on the ‘Fishticuffs’ returning with one white marlin release.  Our other two boats that went to the Poorman’s were the ‘Sea Hag’ returning with 2 white releases and the ‘Blood Money’ returning with 7 white releases.  Fishing in the Baltimore Canyon was the team on the ‘Boss Hogg’ with 4 white releases and 3 mahi as well as the guys on the ‘Moore Bills’ returning with 13 mahi.  The rest of the fleet headed out to the Washington Canyon looking for the marlin bite.  The ‘Reel Toy’ had 1 white release and a blue marlin release.  The ‘Roll Groove’ returned from an overnight trip with 6 white releases and the ‘Whisky Kilo’ had a blue marlin release.  The ‘Following Seas’ returned with 2 white releases while the team on the ‘Bar South’ had 3 white releases, a mahi, and a yellowfin.  Last we had the guys on the ‘Intents’ return with 3 white releases.  Tomorrow marks the first day of the Heels and Reels ladies tournament as well as the First annual Marlins for Mason tournament.  Good luck to all the anglers!

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